Carrie Bradshaw-ly you're not gonna wear that?!

Izzi Watkins and Rosie Setford battle it out over whether Carrie Bradshaw should be classed as a true fashion icon

22nd February 2016

YES, obviously she's a fashion icon

Carrie Bradshaw has arguably broken every rule in the fashion book. In fact, in some instances, she’s chucked the book into a massive fire and danced around it (in Manolos of course). Over six series of Sex and The City, Carrie taught us a lot, but perhaps the most important lesson she gifted us was one of fearlessness. Be that in the form of heartbreak and careers, or wearing a brightly coloured tutu past the age of six. By no means has she always got it right, the fur coat, jeweled turban, leather boots and pajamas look was perhaps a low point…but that’s exactly why Carrie Bradshaw is a style icon. In the rocky path to finding your own style identity mistakes are made, and if you’re gonna make a mistake you might as well make it a BIG one (ha get it?). Carrie taught us that in the sometimes daunting and dark world of fashion, colours ARE allowed, as are ridiculous shoes and weird little feather headdress things. Her style may not have been eternal, but it was fun at the time, which is surely all we can hope for.

Izzi Watkins


NO, she definitely isn't

There is no doubt that Carrie Bradshaw has sported some serious fashion statements, however in my opinion, her outfits are e not always “iconic” as they seem. Over the six seasons and two films of Sex and the City, Carrie has been documented wearing some seriously questionable outfits. if anyone was going to strut about NYC with their stomach hanging out, it was always going to be Carrie Bradshaw and her washboard abs. However, a belt floating around between a crop top and mid-length skirt is a definite no-no from me. Even Patricia Field, Carrie’s costume designer admits that, in hindsight, the crop top/belt combo was pretty “extreme”. Showing too much flesh does seem to be Carrie’s biggest fashion faux pas, as seen with her mini shorts, velvet strapless top and beret combo. Unfortunately for Bradshaw, this ensemble just makes her look like she got dressed in the dark. Although Carrie does parade around New York City in some flawless outfits, it’s difficult to class her as “iconic” in the most positive sense of the word. Instead, I’d class her as a risk-taker in the fashion world, confident wearing anything in any way, even if it looks truly, truly awful.

Rosie Setford

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