Catwalk Spotlight on: Victoria Beckham

Molly Macnamara shows that the former Spice Girl has grown up in her new collection

27th February 2017

Victoria Beckham to me is the dark horse of the fashion industry, as she converted negative opinions that were based on her garish fashion choices into overwhelming appraisal for her sleek, elegant designs and chic dress sense. I have nothing but appreciation for her AW2017 collection. Minimalism is such a hard trend to master as everyone wants to stand out however, this collection is so perfectly tailored there’s no reason to wear vivid colours to catch attention. Instead your eye is drawn to the relaxed ‘gentleman’s club’ inspired soft palette of navy and grey tones.



The colour palette is so easy to wear, and that is why the collection is ideal for the girl that lives in the ‘smart dressed down’ look. Victoria Beckham’s designs are known to accentuate and compliment the female form, and she often uses clever angles to highlight a woman’s curves. However this collection differs dramatically, as Beckham disregards aspects of femininity and dresses her models in slouchy trousers adapting more of a ‘ladylike’ look. Beckham has started a definitive new trend; showing no skin is sexy.

“The colour palette is so easy to wear, and that is why the collection is ideal for the girl that lives in the ‘smart dressed down’ look”

Most of the models in the collection are covered head to toe in block colours and thick materials, while every now and again a pop of sheer black chiffon steals your attention and reminds you of a women’s classic approach to seductive dress.

Beckham is veering away from the unapproachable ‘show pieces’ that avidly feature across many AW2017 catwalks, and for us average girls who just can’t relate to outlandish layers of unwearable and excessively expensive clothing this brings on a collective sigh of relief.


Instagram: @victoriabeckham

Beckham is steps ahead of her fellow designers and is actually producing pieces that elegant young women will actively add to their wardrobe instead of admire from a distance. She features hints of pale blues amongst the ruffles of chiffon maxi skirts, and this contrasts with the harsh lines of the oversized tailored blazers and maxi jumper dresses. Beckham, who is known for her love of stiletto shoes of mountainous height has diversified from this obsession and now claims that flats are the way forward.

The new collection is abundant with tow different shoe styles; either chunky leather knee high boots that add to the chic and expensive feel to this collection, or polished studded black mules.

The inspiration behind the structured 60’s like pattern used is also an interesting feature of this collection. Beckham was inspired by abstract prints from the recent Paul Nash retrospective on show at the Tate Modern in London. This gives a powerful feel to the soft and feminine dresses within the collection.

Over recent years Victoria Beckham has really proved her worth in the fashion industry and secured her position as one of the most influential designers to date. Though the social media frenzy of the WAG world does still linger, and some may argue that this aspect of her past continues to cheapen her brand, I think it’s clear that she’s more forward thinking in her approach to wearable fashion.

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