Celebrating World Food Day: Food from my country

As World Food Day is celebrated internationally, Anna Nix reflects on food from her home country of Czech Republic.

Anna Nix
23rd October 2023
Image source: Pixabay, RitaE
‘Water is Life, Water is Food. Leave No One Behind’ is this year’s theme for World Food Day which takes place on 16 October. It annually celebrates the importance of food and tries to promote the awareness of hunger. This year the focus is on water and its importance in our life as well as our responsibility to manage it wisely. The way I am celebrating this year is by remembering, and introducing to you, the food from my country, the Czech Republic.

Czechia has many traditional meals that I could rave about, some even originating from neighbouring countries but adopted by the Czech cuisine. We are definitely renowned for our thick sauces with meat, which are usually paired with dumplings. Be that the marinated sirloin that comes with a creamy sauce and is oftentimes paired with cranberries and whipped cream, or my preferred on, goulash, which is a pork stew that has a ton of onions in it and is usually paired with bread dumplings.

A fun twist on the dumplings in the Czech cuisine is fruit dumplings, which are filled with fruit and can be served with crumbled farmer’s cheese, butter and sugar. However, I prefer to serve it with butter and cocoa powder, and yes, it is my comfort food.

If I had to choose my last meal, it would be the chicken schnitzel with my mum's potato salad.

Although originating from Vienna in Austria, the schnitzel is a core part of the Czech traditional cuisine, with many people turning to this delicacy as their Christmas Eve dinner (replacing the more traditional fried carp). Chicken or pork meat wrapped in breadcrumbs, fried and paired with potato salad, rings celestial harmonies in my ears. Fun fact is that there is no one way to make a typical potato salad, as every family alters it to their own preferences and the recipes are passed down through generations. As I am partial to my mum’s recipe, I can only advocate for that being the best version of a classic potato salad. If I had to choose my last meal, it would be the chicken schnitzel with my mum's potato salad.

If I were to move away from typical food and give a small spotlight to drinks originating from Czechia, I would have to mention our beer, specifically the Pilsner, because it was the Czechs who created one of the most popular types of beer. And there you have it, goulash or schnitzel paired with Pilsner - you can’t get much more Czech than that. So, from my little cuisine to yours, Happy World Food Day!

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