Champions League group stage review so far - Who has impressed? Underwhelmed?

The Champions League is back, and its better than ever!

Adam Ingoe
6th November 2023
Image Credit - X @aritrabvb1909
As the Champions League roars back into action, it brings with it the exhilarating clash of titans and underdogs alike. Teams are battling not only for glory but also for the coveted places in the knockout stages. While some have soared to new heights, others have faced unexpected challenges. From the remarkable resilience of Newcastle United to the relentless dominance of Manchester City, each match unfolds a unique chapter in the drama of European football. Amidst the suspense and excitement, the question remains: which teams will secure their spot in the prestigious knockout rounds, and which will falter on this grand stage?

Newcastle United has solidified its position in the Champions League as a team not to be underestimated. After an incredible 4-1 victory over the French giants PSG, Newcastle United seemed to be continuing their strong form against Borussia Dortmund. However, a 1-0 defeat by the German giants acted as a reality check for the side and affected their overall form. This was evident when they drew 2-2 against Wolverhampton Wanderers in the Premier League last Saturday. It's not all doom and gloom for the Magpies, though. From a positive perspective, they currently hold the 3rd place in the group stage, on par with points to Dortmund. If Newcastle can replicate their performance against PSG when facing Dortmund away, PSG away, and AC Milan at home, they look set for promotion to the knockout stages.

Manchester City has shown incredible form, winning every game they've played in this Champions League season. It's safe to say that Manchester City is on track for the knockouts. Across the city, however, Manchester United seems to be struggling. They currently sit in 3rd place in the group with only 3 points to their name. The Red Devils need to pick up their form significantly if they hope to advance to the knockouts, considering the prestige associated with the club. This group stage is crucial for the club and its fans, especially given their inconsistent form in the Premier League. Can the Red Devils pull off a miracle and secure promotion?

Benfica, the Portuguese maestros, have severely underwhelmed in the group stage, having lost all their games so far, placing them at the bottom of their group with zero points. Meanwhile, Real Sociedad currently tops their group with 7 points. However, there is still hope for Benfica as Salzburg, just above them, only has three points to their name. Can Benfica secure their place in the Europa League, or is this Adeus Benfica?

Arsenal finds itself in a challenging group. They currently sit at the top and have generally impressed in their group, winning two out of their three matches so far. Yet, they face significant pressure from their runner-up, RC Lens, who are only one point behind. Arsenal, however, is the stronger side in their group and is expected to advance to the knockouts.

How will these teams fare in the next few games? Will they secure promotion to the knockouts, or will they fall behind?

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