Cheap and cheerful summer dates in Newcastle!

With the end of exam season in sight and the weather hopefully getting warmer, here are some fun dates around Newcastle to take your beau on this summer whilst keeping the costs low.

Jessica Mckeown
30th April 2024
Image credit: @digihanger on Pixabay

Art Galleries

Newcastle is home to several amazing art galleries that you can take your date to for free. Fancy a stroll down the Quayside? Stop in at the BALTIC and take in the views. Or maybe you fancy a trip to Ouseburn? Start with a trip to The Biscuit Factory in Shieldfield. What about a drink in town? Visit the Laing Art Gallery on John Dobson Street. Date in-between lectures? The Hatton Gallery on campus is the perfect place. You can even try cheesy pick-up lines in the galleries to woo your date of their feet: "All this art and you're the masterpiece".

Jesmond Dene

Whilst some of you will undoubtedly be cooped up in the libraries over the exam period, remember to get some fresh air and what better place to go for a daytime stroll with your partner. Picnics are always a cute summer date or you could pair it with Jesmond food market on the first and third Saturday of the month.

Ouseburn Farm

If you or your date are animal lovers, head down to Ouseburn Farm in Ouseburn Valley. For an extra memorable experience, you can book to feed the lambs or walk the goats. Truly there's nowhere else in Newcastle you can get that experience (unless you tame the pigeons).


If you're in need of a day to escape the hustle and bustle of Newcastle, Tynemouth is a go-to. A quaint market town accessible via Metro, you can expect the beach, fish and chips, a priory to explore and markets on the weekend. Romantic stroll on the beach? Check. Sharing chips with a view? Check.

Food Wars at Wylam Brewery

Wylam Brewery in Exhibition Park plays host to frequent food wars where local vendors fight it out to be crowned champion. Recent events include Battle of the Burger, Argie Bhaji and coming on the 3rd and 4th of May is Slice Wars, a Star Wars themed pizza battle. Mexican Standoff and Lord of the Wings are expected later this year. Entry to these events are free and you buy tokens to try smaller sized portions from different vendors. How does this make a good date? You get to spend little to try a lot and what better way to strategically try more than sharing with a partner.

Gigs at The Cluny

Fan of music and independent venues? Head to the Cluny in Ouseburn. Ouseburn is absolutely gorgeous with many independent pubs and venues. Tickets for gigs at the Cluny are quite low priced, usually under £15. If you're feeling spontaneous, introduce yourself to a new artist by seeing them live.


The North East is home to so many great markets - Quayside, Jesmond Food Market, Tynemouth and Ouseburn markets all spring to mind. Markets make a great date as you can walk and talk, get different food and support local businesses. I can attest to having several good dates at Quayside Market and suspect I will head back when the weather is warmer.

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