Against the Chilling Adventures of Sabrina cancellation

Beth Robson discusses her disappointment in the direction of CAOS, and it's untimely cancellation...

Beth Robson
14th July 2020
Credit: Netflix, IMDb
When I finished binge-watching the first season of The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina (or CAOS) back in 2018, I was confident that the show would quickly become a hit with young-adults interested in all things occult.

The quality of story writing and mish-mash of 1960s and present-day aesthetics made the show fun to watch, and it boasted a hugely diverse cast of characters that other similarly genre'd shows had severely lacked. The hype surrounding season one, for all intents and purposes, indicated that the show had a LOT of potential to rise above it's already established counterpart Riverdale in popularity. However as season two and three came and passed, this became less apparent.

Credit: Netflix, IMDb

it became apparent that the show had lost its identity

I will admit that I wasn't all-together shocked at CAOS's cancellation, although I was disappointed. The premise of the show was, and still is, exciting and different from other shows on TV. However, it has become, in my opinion, a victim of bad writing and pressured conformity to be like it's more popular counterpart, which in turn killed the direction of the show. If I had to choose only one thing I absolutely hate to my core about Riverdale, it is the singing. When CAOS adopted this in season three, it became glaringly apparent that the show had lost its own identity.

Credit: Netflix, YouTube

Even the protagonist herself, Sabrina Spellman, a character many of us grew up with in Sabrina the Teenage Witch, has become a ghost of what she was in season one, and that is a telling sign that the writing has gone off the deep end. The promise was there for it to be an amazing show, and under a different network and without the looming pressure to be like Riverdale, I believe it could thrive. CAOS didn't need to be cancelled, it just needed to be left alone and allowed to be its own thing. Fans of the world of Sabrina can only hope that another network picks it up, and saves it from it's very own depths of Hell!

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