Choc it like it's hot?

It’s a Valentine’s tradition, but is it thoughtful enough?

Scarlett Welch
14th February 2022
Valentines box of chocolate/ Image: Pixabay
Chocolate is one of the all-time classics when it comes to Valentines gifts. But is it the best way to express your feelings?

First and foremost, it depends on the person. Whilst most people love chocolate, not everyone will consider it a particularly romantic gift. It all depends on what your partner likes. However - if you’re not long into the relationship and don’t know what they like then chocolate is usually a safe bet. 

You can’t just give them any old chocolate though. Go for a box that looks at least a little bit special, but check the ingredients! We’ve all received an incredibly fancy looking box of chocolates only to be disappointed when the flavours are so rich that they’re bordering on inedible. 

If you’re looking for inspiration, Thorntons and Cadbury both have affordable Valentines ranges which still look classy, or if you want something more personal, why not try supporting a small business, there are hundreds to choose from online. 

Having said this, whilst chocolate can be a good and widely-appreciated Valentine’s gift, it certainly isn’t the most inventive option. That’s not to say that you can’t give a thoughtful food-based gift to your Valentine. 

If you want to make your gift bigger and better, why not get your partner a hamper of all their favourite foods and drinks? Or if you want something a bit less extravagant, you could go for an alcoholic gift, like a flavoured gin or a fancy bottle of wine.

Of course, there are many other options which aren’t food or drink related, but these can often be cliche. 

So, in conclusion, although chocolate may not be the most original Valentine’s gift, it is almost always appreciated - and it definitely doesn’t have to be basic! However, if you are more serious about your Valentine, you might be better off with something a bit more personal.

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