Christian Union reveal ‘The Naked Truth’

The Christian Union have organised a series of events running throughout the week exploring faith

22nd February 2016

The Christian Union Society has organized a series of events this week at the Students Union and St. Luke’s Church. Running from Monday 14th-Friday 19thFebruary, The Naked Truth: Exposing Christianity will hold various talks and answer any questions surrounding the claims and challenges of Christianity.

Two free events will be held each day, in both the afternoon and evening, with a free meal at both. Live music and wine or punch is also available at the evening event, as well as artwork around the theme of truth, that will be displayed at St. Luke’s Church on Claremont Road.

Afternoon events, all held in the History Rooms on the first floor of the SU from 1-2pm and 2-3pm, include a discussion on  ‘What does Christianity have to do with me?’ on Monday and ‘How can Christians claim God and Science are compatible’ on Tuesday, and ‘What kind of God would put us through this?’ on Wednesday. Later in the week a debate on Christians justification of faith despite their history of hate will be held on the Thursday, before a talk on ‘What is Christianity if not rules?’ on Friday.

Evening events include a ‘How can Christianity be applicable to everyone?’ talk, located at Castlegate on Monday, “Is human purpose made, given or discovered?” at St Luke’s Church on Tuesday, and “What kind of God would put us through this?” on Wednesday. Thursdays’ discussion is on  ‘Why do questions go on about love?” before closing with “What is Christianity if not rules?” on Friday, to think about what it means to be free.

President Natalie Hunter said: “The week has been a great opportunity to share our faith with other students and get to the heart of what the God that we follow is like.

“We have been massively encouraged by the engagement of hundreds of students with our talks and activities around campus across the week”

By “The Naked Truth” we have sought to get behind the claims that Christians make about the person of Jesus. As a result, we’ve looked at questions of science, love, the relevance of Christianity today and freedom.”

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