Christmas Fast Food Has Arrived… Which chain is winning?

As the festive season approaches; fast food restaurants have unleashed their festive menus.

Amy Haslam
8th December 2021
McDonald's logo inside a Christmas wreath/ Image: pxhere

For the first time since 2015, McDonald’s enters the festive menu boxing ring. KFC returns with a fan-favorite and Burger King does… nothing. 

McDonals'd Festive Crispy Chicken/ Image: Instagram (@mcdonaldsuk)

In previous years, McDonald’s festive menu has been slim - but this year they’ve released a full range: the Festive Chicken, Festive Stack, and Festive Pie. My verdict on the offerings - The festive chicken and the festive pie were delicious. The festive pie featured mincemeat and custard, with slight boozy notes that make me suspicious that Ronald McDonald might have poured in a little of his spare brandy.  However, the ‘’Festive Stack” with its overpowering onion jam and cheese sauce tasted more like a cheese and pickle sandwich, rather than anything festive. 

KFC's Holiday Bucket/ Image: Instagram (@KFC)

Meanwhile at KFC, the special appears to be the same as last year, a chicken burger with “gravynnaise“ and a hash brown that you're supposed to pour gravy into.While I like the idea of the gravy fountain, the “gravynnaise” just tasted like mayonnaise that you might find in one of their regular burgers.

Putting the taste of the food aside, what about the philosophical issue here: Christmas shouldn't just be about gravy... which they offer all year round anyway. There must be more creative ideas that come to mind; I know they have the capacity to deep fry an entire turkey back there!

So, my verdict on where you should spend Christmas day: in a McDonald's restaurant feasting on a Festive Crispy Chicken, maybe even bring some Christmas crackers.

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