Christmas Food Traditions Around World: Indian Edition.

Take a look at some traditional Indian food served during Christmas, as our writer reminisces about his home country's cuisine.

Ciboni Vaz
4th December 2023
Image source: Pixabay_Pexels
Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas - everywhere you go! With the best time of the year right around the corner, kitchens around the world have started to get pretty festive too. For this piece, lets take a look in to what the kitchens in India are cooking!

Food in India is combination of multiple cultures, which can be easily discovered when you take a bite. While its convenient to associate Christmas foods with plum cakes, wine and chocolate fudges, there's so much more to Indian food which we'll read about. Ho! Ho! Hop in!

Pork Vindaloo:

Let's start with the dish known and enjoyed globally - the classic Pork Vindaloo! Put together from the Portuguese recipe 'vino de alhos', the dish can be found in almost every house in the state of Goa. It's slow cooked pork in spices, garlic, vinegar and chilies and it's served with traditional steamed rice or Goa's traditional bread, 'poie'.

Duck Moilee:

Christmas in the state of Maharashtra, India is incomplete without this. Made popular by the Anglo-Indian community of Maharashtra, the dish has everything you'd want to see and taste on a Christmas plate. The juicy, tender duck cooked in a unique blend of spices. Traditionally served along with bread, rice and salads, the dish is a festive culinary experience and worth every bite.


Looking for 'easy to make' special Christmas sweets? Presenting itself, the classic Kulkuls. Also known as 'kidyos', Kulkuls are small bits of sweet dough shaped into little curls that look like shells. Traditionally prepared in the Catholic households across the country, they are deep fried until golden brown and sprinkled with powdered sugar. One bite of it is never enough as you'll be wanting for more!

"One bite of it is never enough as you'll be wanting for more!"

Allahabadi Cake:

Want to know on the first day of Christmas what my true love gave to me? A nice generous spectacular Allahabadi Cake - this dish just oozes Christmas. Made famous by the Anglo-Indian community of Allahabad, it's made of rum soaked dry fruits, peta, marmalade and lots of ghee. The dish is amazing, grand and fantastic desert to serve at a Christmas party.

Rose Cookies:

We're back to the state of Goa for some delicious Rose cookies. These traditional sweet delicacies are super popular and guess what? They're super easy to make as well! Made with rice flour, eggs, sesame seeds and sugar, they're prepared using a special mold which is how it gets its eye catching design.

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