Christmas Picks

Our writers give us the low down on their top shows to cosy up and watch over the festive period

12th December 2016

Last week it was announced that a Christmas special of Peter Kay’s Car Share will air this Christmas eve. The long awaited special comes after the announcement of a second series, due to air in May next year. Series one hinted at a festive episode, with John (Kay) being put in charge of organizing Christmas at the supermarket where he and Kayleigh (Sian Gibson) work, and Kayleigh insisting she be a part of his Christmas team. With talk of elf costumes, Christmas CDs and a bad experience at an ex girlfriend’s house on Christmas eve all included in the first series, Car Share has lots of potential for a fantastically funny festive jaunt to and from work, from our favourite northern co-workers. With the announcement that the second series of Car Share will only contain four episodes, a Christmas special comes as a much needed fix of comedy legend, Peter Kay.
Alison Scurfield

The new series of the now legendary Sherlock can’t seem to come around fast enough - when the fourth series premieres on New Year’s Day, we’ll have had a near three year wait to find out how the supposedly deceased criminal mastermind, Jim Moriarty appeared on our screens asking if we’d missed him. Oh, we did. The game is on again for our favourite high-functioning sociopath Sherlock Holmes and his loyal blogger John Watson, as they rampage through London attempting to solve this mystery. With the introduction of new villain Toby Jones, and presumably many more, this series is certain to be full of deductions, deerstalkers and resurrections from the grave. Not forgetting the new arrivals of a baby for the Watsons, and a bloodhound for Sherlock, perhaps compensating for the absence of a certain best friend. Only one thing’s for sure: as always, we’re in for an electrifying experience.
Stacie Byers

This year’s festive adventure, aptly titled The Return of Doctor Mysterio, sees the Doctor return to our screens for the first time this year. After a 24-year-long holiday with River Song, our favourite Time Lord is accompanied once again by Matt Lucas’s Nardole, and New York is under threat from brain-stealing aliens. The pair team up with mysterious masked vigilante The Ghost (Justin Chatwin) in a superhero caper, inspired, according to writer Steven Moffat, by Clark Kent’s Superman. It promises to be a light and funny episode, but it wouldn’t be a Doctor Who Christmas without a whole lot of heart too. Expect some emotional moments as the relationship between The Ghost’s loveable alter-ego Grant and investigative reporter Lucy is tested, when he attempts to conceal his superhero identity. Get ready to be hiding behind the sofa one minute and reaching for the tissues the next.
Cathie Swan

What is Christmas without a dose of drama?  Overlooking the fact that no Coronation Street residents have noticed how unlikely it is that so many disasters could happen on one street, especially at the most wonderful time of the year, this festive season is shaping up to be a good one.Firstly, Andy will attack villainous Phelan, after suspecting he  played a part in his fake father’s demise, and Kevin will be blamed for the assault. Kevin is also struggling to fund an operation for Sophie.Furthermore, Peter’s secret lover will finally be revealed- hopefully it’ll be worth the wait. Personally, my money’s on Norris.Also, Aidan and Maria admit their feelings to each other, but as always, the course of true love never did run smooth. Expect fireworks!
Dominic Corrigan

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