City Council issue Annual Equality Report

Alicia Curry on Newcastle City Council's Annual Equality Report

Alicia Curry
22nd November 2020
The report has established a series of key initiatives that attempt to tackle inequalities in the city during the COVID-19 pandemic

The Annual Equality Report went before Newcastle’s Cabinet on Monday 16 November. 

Firstly, the city is working closely with the BAME Public Health Steering Group to ensure that BAME health priorities are understood. To do this, they are creating data sets that detail the risk factors and inequality trends in the BAME population.

Elsewhere, by improving awareness of cervical screening and cervical cancer for the women in BAME communities - taking into account cultural sensitives - there has been a 4% uptake rate in the first year of the Cervical Screening Saves Lives ‘No Fear’ initiative.

The council equally wants Newcastle to deliver a choice of good quality, fairly paid, job opportunities to everyone, regardless of background. 

One way they have done this is through Generation NE, an employment support programme the council leads for young people aged 18-29. It has presently provided support to 1000 young people.

Earlier this year the council was named best employer in the country for LGBTQ+ staff by Stonewall.

“We put equality at the heart of all decision-making in Newcastle"

Joyce McCarty, deputy leader of Newcastle City Council

Deputy leader of the council, Councillor Joyce McCarty, who leads on equalities issues, said: “We put equality at the heart of all decision-making in Newcastle.

"We understand the pandemic has widened inequality in our city – quite simply those that were struggling before the pandemic are finding it even tougher now as we head into a second lockdown.

“The message is clear; we know young people are struggling to find employment; disabled people and older people are struggling with isolation and members of the BAME community are more likely to die from COVID but we are doing all that we can to tackle these inequalities and support them through this difficult time.”

Featured Image: Clay Banks on Unsplash

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