Clothes you should IDOL-ise: Topshop's IDOL collection

Sara Nigohosyan reviews Topshop's latest IDOL winter collection.

Sara Nigohosyan
2nd December 2019
It’s the time of year when clothing lines are releasing their winter collections, and Topshop is no exception. Their collection IDOL is a tad different though, as at first glance, it doesn’t appear as a winter collection at all. 

The collection mainly consists of darker tones, with a flare of sparkling designs which can be seen as festive, but also appear to be suitable for nights out. 

The collection IDOL is one that looks designer, and this release marks the fourth launch of the collection. This one takes on a darker tone than the rest, due to its winter theme, but is still quite affordable.

The combination of wintery but also fancy clothing allows customers to look stylish while trying to protect themselves from the cold. As winter is a well-known season for being hard on fashion: lots of layers, having to choose between warmth and style; this collection seems to be trying to create a balance and avoid having to make a decision between comfort and good looks. 

"Most of the clothing pieces are not actually winter clothes"

However, the key word here is “trying” to stay warm. Most of the clothing pieces are not actually winter clothes, they’re just winter-themed. it is not very hard to tell whether those clothes would be warm enough for the chilly December days or not, seeing that some of them are transparent, short, sleeveless, or all of the above. They seem to be pieces you can only wear in an inside setting, but wouldn’t provide any warmth if one is outside.

Taking a look at the IDOL crystal embellished mesh top, £25.00, it’s a stylish black transparent top, which provides the perfect Christmas party or dinner look - chic, but not appearing underdressed, as it has long sleeves. But one might get a bit chilly if walking to the said Christmas party; they’d have to bring a warm coat to compensate. 

The same goes for the IDOL silver Embellished Sequin Disc Slip Dress, £125.00. The theme of most of those clothes seems to be “stylish Christmas party,” for which the pieces are perfect.

Another piece ideal for the night is the IDOL Knitted Black Eyelash Cardigan, £65.00. Soft and cozy, adding a cute flair to the outfit underneath, it would look good with anything from jeans to dresses to skirts. 

" A stylish way to hold your makeup and wallet."

Of course, we cannot exclude the accessories, as they play a key role in an outfit. A staple piece would be the IDOL DOLLY Silver Cage Cross Body Bag, which has an almost futuristic design, and is a stylish way to hold your makeup and wallet.

Overall, the collection is becoming a well-known one, as it has flooded Instagram, impressing people with its designer look. Perhaps not ideal for the weather, but perfect for any event, Topshop’s winter IDOL collection deserves the recognition it gets and will probably gain even more popularity in the near future. 

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