Code Vein Trailer Presents a Post-Apocalyptic Soulslike From Bandai Namco

Culture Editor Errol Kerr digs into the newest trailer of Bandai Namco's upcoming post-apocalyptic Soulslike

Errol Kerr
5th October 2017

In the past few weeks, more information for Bandai Namco’s Soulslike Code Vein has been released, with a high-octane trailer dropping in late September. In true Souls-esque fashion, it’s asking more questions than answering them. Mentions of the death of a Queen, the importance of Blood Tears and the fear of Revenants dot the trailer, and with no idea what they are, all there is to do is appreciate some seriously beautiful graphics and gameplay.

It’s clear that Bandai Namco has taken the bare bones of the Soulslike genre and ran with it, knowing any game that they create on this basis can and will be compared to their Dark Souls games. This is no exception – but it doesn’t mean it’s a cheap Souls rip-off.

Small sections of gameplay indicate that it’s less a straight-up Soulslike, and seems more like an eclectic mix of Bloodborne and Bayonetta. It seems to share the technical and methodical complexity of the former and the fast-paced antics of the latter, whilst staying just as wild and ridiculous as both games.

Small sections of gameplay indicate that it’s less a straight-up Soulslike, and seems more like an eclectic mix of Bloodborne and Bayonetta. 

Cutscene content reveals a much more character-driven and cinematically driven story than its earlier counterpart, with characters communicating and developing genuine relationships with one another. Even if the story is completely based on item descriptions, at least the characters do more than provide cryptic comments and laughter.

Its anime base is incredibly clear in its design – characters have a clear anime-esque facial design more akin to a cartoonish Final Fantasy and the weapons are large and unwieldy, yet swung with perfect accuracy. Also, the boob physics is… well, bouncy. Way to follow certain stereotypes.

Overall, the skybox and level design appear to be quite modern post-apocalyptic, with red and orange overtones making the area feel scorched and ruined, the music is incredibly fitting, and I’m curious to see how this new take on the Souls genre renews itself.

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