Combatting semester stress

Sophie Wilson gives us an insight into the best things to do to help wind down in Newcastle

Sophie Wilson
28th September 2020

Semester stress hits really hard, as does the week five blues. So, it is important (in fact vital) to know the best places to wind down in Newcastle.

Picture this: deadlines are drawing in, your washing is piling up in your laundry basket at home, your money is running out because you spent it all on two pound Tuesdays. Well, fear no more, because I want to share with you some of the best (and relatively cheap) things to do around the city.

Jesmond Dene:

This holds a really dear place in my heart, because it reminds me of home. I live in the Lake District when I am at ‘home home’, and so being in the city I miss having open green spaces to go jogging in, or to walk through when I need to destress. Jesmond Dene is my absolute favourite place to go to therefore, when I want to be reminded of home for some comfort. Take a stroll through, stop on the bridges to take some photos, and even visit the pet corner if you’re feeling up for it. 

The Baltic:

If you love art, then this is the place to go. You can go and see exhibitions which centre around a whale made of sand, or one that smells of bird poo to depict a dystopian future land, or go and check out some beautiful paintings. The exhibitions change, but I am sure that you will always find something to spark your interest. And hey, if not, then there is always the balcony that lets you see the beautiful view of the Quayside (thank me later). 

The Quayside: Mary Sobayo

If you are on a budget, but still want to treat yourself, then take yourself here and buy yourself a pot of flavoured tea. This place will calm you down so easily, because it is just filled with tea loving, book loving, film loving people (in my experience) who have all gone there to chat to their friends or to do some work in a chilled out environment. (My favourite tea is Quilliams’ marzipan flavoured one and I think you will love it!)

Quilliam Bros, Instagram: @smellslikespiltcoffee
The Dog Café:

Sit down, order yourself a hot chocolate and stroke some dogs. I mean, COME ON! It is scientifically proven that stroking dogs makes you calmer and more relaxed. This is a slightly more expensive option for all you budgeters, but it is totally worth it. You will leave the café feeling loved and refreshed!!

Feature Image: Pixabay @geralt

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