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Explore how the handmade jewellery market has accessorised the lockdown fashion scene.

Sophia Ayub
25th March 2021

Initially, I’ve always had reservations about indulging in handcrafted jewellery, as I felt it connoted heavily beaded stone worked pieces, suiting a more bohemian style. Though this looked incredible on some, it was never something that excited my style. So after some deep delving into some more contemporary online jewellery shops, which wasn’t too hard after the recent spike in independent businesses, in response to the ongoing pandemic. Here are a few examples of some of my new favourite independent shops, retailing in some gorgeous bespoke pieces.

This first Etsy shop speaks to those whose style invokes all things weird and wonderful, in the best possible way of course. AlienxArtxFarm is an Etsy shop that encapsulates all things mystical, magical, all with a touch of glitter. The pieces emulate an intergalactic hue, transforming a simple piece into a gorgeous statement accessory. My personal favourite item is the Lovers Tarot Card earrings, displaying a vibrant red tarot card dangling from a yellow gold sun. It is no lie I am also partial to a red accessory.

A piece like this could enhance a simplistic look instantly.

etsy: @alienxartxfarm

For all my simplistic queens, another Etsy shop, rawmadeco, offers a variety of simplistic earthy pieces to complete your look. This shop offers a variety of products, including candles and jewellery holders. A lot of the jewellery offered is crafted with polymer clay, creating beautifully shaped pieces that produce rather ethereal contours throughout the products. What massively caught my attention was the three-toned face earrings, both in studs and dangle. The unique tailored accessories invoke all things minimalists, which make them quite powerful in their ability to bring an outfit together.

etsy: @rawmadeco

The next seller I discovered on Instagram. Moonflowerden caught my eye with its impeccable ability to form an array of beautiful colour palettes in its products. On the first look at their Instagram, one would pick up on the structure of the products within the pastel tones sphere. The products which initially drew me to this shop were the Rainbow + Floral Stud Pack.

These polymer clay studs craft a statement yet elegant touch to any look, whilst incorporating a pop of colour.

instagram: @moonflowerden

This last shop truly stole my heart with its salute to nature, with an entire range featuring preserved real flower jewellery. In comparison to the previous shops, this shop is regarded within a higher-end market, retailing more luxury handcrafted pieces. I was immediately enchanted by the Bella Rosa Rosebud and Freshwater Pearl Choker. This necklace was the necklace of my dreams. From the pearl choker to the dainty gold hardware, to the petite preserved rosebud. A truly timeless piece.

Featured image: etsy @rawmadeco

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