Crashing - Fleabag's underrated older sister

Before Pheobe Waller-Bridge there was nothing, but before Fleabag, there was Crashing.

Rachael McCreanor
3rd June 2022
Image Credit: IMDb
Crashing remains one of the most underrated British comedies of recent years. The series was released on Channel 4 in 2016 and was Pheobe Waller-Bridge's very first foray into writing for the little screen, not that you can tell. 

The series follows an eclectic cast of characters ‘crashing’ in an abandoned hospital, keeping the building safe in return for cheap rent as part of a property guardianship scheme. As the series progresses, their lives intertwine, and chaos ensues. 

Despite the relatively understated production, the cast includes a number of future stars – most prominently, Bridgerton's Jonathon Bailey as the sex-obsessed Sam. Waller-Bridge herself stars as Lulu, the childhood friend of one-half of a married couple. Her arrival signals the beginning of the tension which runs throughout the otherwise hilarious series. 

The series is the perfect blend of heartwarming and hilarious, just weird enough to keep your interest but not scare you off. It’s one of my ultimate comfort shows and you can guarantee I'll watch the whole thing at least three times this exam season.  

Despite the series being a relatively early project for the screenwriting giant, it stands the test of time just as well as Fleabag itself. Characteristically sharp and witty, I would whole-heartedly recommend this series to anyone still mourning the lack of Pheobe Waller-Bridge in their life. 

Crashing is available to stream on Netflix and Channel 4. 

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AUTHOR: Rachael McCreanor
Deputy Editor 23/24, PGR Student studying for an MLitt in English Literature. she/her.

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