Creative Careers: What's happening?

Find out what the Creative Careers event, held on the 9th March, is all about!

Maud Webster
28th February 2022

Every year, Newcastle University's Careers Service host a week of talks and workshops centred around helping students forge a pathway into creative careers. This year, Courier writers have had the opportunity to sit down with four of the lovely event hosts and chat to them about their careers, tips for graduates and what they love about their jobs.

The Careers Service's Kate Rothery, who is organising the event, comments:

"Planning and running Creative Careers each year is such a highlight of my job. As a working class, dyslexic, first generation student, when I was at university there were many industries that I felt shut off from. One of the highlights of building a career in careers has been seeing just how many people are willing to support students and graduates finding their way into their chosen career path and the creative professions are no different."

"Often for students, irrespective of their background, overcoming the information barrier and building contacts to progress is hard and that is why an event like this is so important. Our fabulous line up of speakers, a number of whom are alumni that were sitting in your place a few years ago, are ready and raring to impart their wisdom and open up doors."

"This event is designed to show students there are no industries you are shut off from. Sign up to a Creative Careers session and hear from a range of industry experts from fields such as Marketing, PR, Photography, Film & TV. We look forward to welcoming you on the 9th March in the Students Union."

There's an array of events going on during the week, learning more about working in industries including PR, film, music, marketing and the arts. It's also a fab opportunity to network with some local companies and learn more about the work of different organisations in our region. There's limited space on every session so make sure you head to the Careers Service site (or follow the QR code) to sign up.

The Courier will also be hosting a workshop on Wednesday 9th, centred around writing a publishable piece for the Courier in an hour. If you're a regular reader of our paper but haven't jumped into writing yet, this is your chance to give it a go!

On a personal level, I'm really glad our University is promoting events about working in the creative industries, and encouraging people to take these paths. From a young age I felt very disheartened by the prospect of trying to find a job in the media or in writing or similar sectors, because of the pressure the (state, at least) educational system puts on the importance of going into STEM.

Until university, I thought I was going to go and study Engineering and become an Engineer, because this is what school had taught me would be the "sensible" path. Luckily, one of my five uni choices was an Arts degree (which I ended up taking) and now I'm excited about the possibility of pursing a Creative Career. Opportunities like writing for the Courier and guidance offered by the Careers Service has bolstered the idea that working in a creative industry is by no means a lost cause.

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AUTHOR: Maud Webster
she/they | third year architecture & urban planning student @ newcastle | co-head of culture for the 21/22 academic year

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