Creativity as a student: tips for fitting art into busy university life

Writing to you from covid isolation, staying creative and occupied is something that has been on my mind recently. However, it is not just in idle times that it is important to tend to our creativity. How can we fit art into the busy life of a student?

Ruby Taylor
1st March 2022
Zines are a great way to make your own art cheaply! This is the zine library at Mosaic Tap. Image credits: @split.milk.zine on Instagram

Making art can help us in so many ways. It allows us to understand ourselves and the world better, let us be playful in the midst of stressful times, and bring things into the world that make it better, brighter and clearer. Art is not just a luxury, but a necessity. Compiled below is a list of some of the ways you can satisfy this need whilst being a student.  

Find Your Society 

Here at Newcastle, there are so many incredible societies already there to help you get creative. Whether it be theatre, baking, creative writing, Irish dance or jazz orchestra, there are so many opportunities on campus to find a community of people you can make amazing stuff with. Which society have you had your eye on all year but been too scared to join?  

Art is not just a luxury, but a necessity.

Paint The Toon Red 

There at tonnes of opportunities to get creative out and about in Newcastle. My best tip for finding workshops, events and meet ups is following as many arts centres and venues on social media as possible, and go along to whatever interests you. You will not be the most terrified person there, I assure you! Some of my favourites are Cobalt Studios, Mosaic Tap, Star and Shadow Cinema and The Newbridge Project. 

Image credit: @cobaltstudios.ouseburn

What’s Your Niche? 

Art and creativity can mean absolutely anything you want them to. It can mean knitting a hoodie for your cat, hosting elaborate themed parties for your grooviest friends or cooking a new recipe you have never tried before that needs you to go to three different supermarkets to find the ingredients. Don’t let ideas about what you think art has to be stop you from having fun and making something amazing. 

Challenge Yourself 

If you still have no idea what to make, set yourself a challenge. Tell yourself you are going to do a little doodle everyday. Do Inktober, or NaNoWriMo, or send in a submission to Grayson Perry’s Art Club. Limitations are sometimes the best ways to spark creativity.  

And Finally...Be Playful! 

Make art because it is fun to do. Because it lets you be a child for a little while. Because it helps you process what is going on in your life. Let it be a time you can self-express without any inhibitions. Make things you think are interesting, cool, and worth making. Show it to people if you want to, and keep it for you if you don’t. Just let yourself loose on the world.  

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AUTHOR: Ruby Taylor
Sub-editor for Arts. First year English Literature and Creative Writing student.

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