Creators creepy costume ideas- Halloween in the digital age

Ionna Hitri tells us her favourite beauty gurus and their spooky looks this Halloween

Ioanna Hitiri
29th October 2018
Instagram: @jamescharles

Who doesn’t love an extra Halloween costume? Especially if you are a beauty lover or makeup junkie, who doesn’t love being the most extra amongst your friends with a 10/10 Halloween makeup look? Every year during Halloween, makeup artists from all around the world get so inspired by the spookiness of Halloween and share their creativity on their social media. So, with Halloween fast approaching, let’s have a look at my personal favourite beauty gurus and their Halloween Make up Looks.

[pullquote]Are you inspired by online MUAs? If so, what are you going to do for this Halloween?[/pullquote]

The number one, the queen of makeup, Nikkie Tutorials (@nikkietutorials) is a non-stop inspiration for us; not only during Halloween but all year round. Nikkie first became viral when she uploaded “The Power of Make Up” video on her YouTube channel and has been a star ever since then. But for Halloween she goes that little step further; she uploads spooky makeup looks right up until the 31st of October to show her audience the most magical looks. This time she shared on her Instagram a “Phantom of Makeup Mask” inspired by the Phantom of the Opera. Here she focused on one half of her face by drawing a mask and creating an optical illusion through makeup; leaving the rest of the face completely untouched. She shared, “Wearing makeup is like wearing a mask” and for Halloween, that is so true. Apart from the result, which was absolutely stunning, she also talked about makeup shaming and confidence.

Secondly, male makeup artists are also one of a kind. Throughout last 2 years, male MUAs are becoming more and more accepted in society and some are incredibly talented. The king of makeup is Patrick Starr (@patrickstarr) and no one can deny it. For him, the face is a blank canvas and he is literally the master of makeup. My favorite Patrick Starr Halloween look is, for sure, Frida Kahlo. The iconic female figure was recreated by him in the most respectful way. From the makeup to the traditional costume to the jewelry and, of course, the flower crown and the brows. “At the end of the day, we can endure much more than we think we can” – Frida Kahlo.

The youngest superstar of the makeup industry is the one and only James Charles (@jamescharles). The 19-year-old is an internet personality and model; famous for being the first male CoverGirl spokesperson. On his YouTube channel he uploads tons of videos focusing on makeup and so far, he has collaborated with many big names of the makeup industry. His “Strike” Halloween look is amazing and perfect for someone who wants to try his makeup techniques. Using dark colors (blue and black mostly) and a white liner for the ‘strike’ effect, the result is bomb.

Are you inspired by online MUAs? If so, what are you going to do for this Halloween?

Full costume or full makeup look? Dare the impossible.

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