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Rachel Baker discusses the best brands supplying cruelty-free make-up, and those which should be avoided at all costs...

Rachel Baker
27th February 2017

What with a surge in environmental concerns, and increased awareness of the cruelties of animal testing, cruelty free and vegan beauty is on the up. For me personally, it makes no sense for an animal to be imprisoned for the benefit of my make-up products, so I cut out brands that use animal testing early last year. Finding brands that genuinely oppose it however is challenge. Many brands claim to only use animal testing when the law stipulates it is necessary. This is the case in countries such as China, one of the biggest consumers of make-up in the world. Consequently, brands such as Benefit that used to be cruelty free will choose to sell in China, thus abandoning a commitment to cruelty free for the sake of profit. There are however several cosmetic brands that maintain their commitment to the cause, and these are a few of my favourites.

LUSH Known for its commitment to environmentally sustainable products, Lush brought out a range of make-up in December 2015. Although they are some of the more expensive products in store, their lipsticks and pigments are vibrant and beautifully scented, like the whole shop.

CHARLOTTE TILBURY Charlotte Tilbury has been a vegetarian her entire life, so not only is her entire range cruelty free but it is also vegan (you would be surprised how many makeup products contain animal products, honestly). Although on the pricey side, Charlotte Tilbury makeup is a luxury that last, with ranges tailored to all skin-tones and eye colours. TOO FACED Too faced is renowned for its food themed products, and whilst I personally prefer not to have a face smelling like cupcake and peanut butter, they have some of the best palettes around. Again a very high-end brand, but worth the money. Their ‘better-than-sex’ mascara is hands down the best mascara you will ever try.

MAKEUP REVOLUTION For those on a budget makeup revolution is the perfect cruelty free brand. With lipsticks from just £1 and palletes from £8, Makeup Revolution is my favourite drugstore brand. You wouldn’t believe the pigment in their eyeshadows for the price, and their highlighters ensure J-Lo glow that lasts all day.

SLEEK Sleek offers some beautiful products for a great price. Their cheek trios offer everything you need for the perfect contour in one package, whilst their matte-me liquid lips have some colours for every day and a more vibrant look. Entirely vegan as well, so fully committed to the environmental cause.

BARE MINERALS Bare Minerals is the best brand for those who want a natural look with products that don’t clog up your pores. Also entirely vegan and from mainly natural sources, Bare Minerals also offers an entirely natural line of makeup brushes that apply foundation beautifully for a low maintenance look.

Big no no's 
MAC Although they are probably half the UK’s favourite brand, Mac go out of their way to test on animals. Previously they have been known to get products shipped out to China and then back to the UK just so they can be animal tested.

L’OREAL L’oreal now claim to not test on animals for products sold in the UK, however they are the biggest culprit for buying out cruelty free brands so that they can be sold in China, such as Urban Decay and Garnier.

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