Croati-ng new memories - The 2019 Travel Bucket List

Gayatri Gopalakrishnan reveals her travel bucket list for 2019

Gayatri Gopalakrishnan
11th March 2019
Image: Sorin Cicos

Starting the year off in the Finnish Lapland, I was excited to make 2019 the year I travel more. Although I am more inclined towards impulsive last-minute trips, there is still a travel bucket list that I hope to check off, someday.

  1. Iceland

Starting it off with the place that I have always wanted to visit the most – Iceland.

With the unique topography, the famed black beaches and the abundance of natural beauty, Iceland is definitely bound to be an adventure of a lifetime. With more than 20 hours of sunlight during the summer, the day is long enough to make the most of it. Winter does not disappoint either, with the possibility of seeing the Northern Lights, in the horizon.

  1. Northern Ireland

For a bit of a domestic holiday (although one that involves flying out), Northern Ireland is next up on my travel list. Officially because it involves trekking to beautiful places. Unofficially because, of the Game of Thrones filming locations right when the last season is out. Speaking of which…

  1. Croatia

If it was Dubrovnik that had the spotlight shined on it, as King’s Landing, Zagreb, the capital city has a lot to offer, as well. With Dubrovnik bordering the Adriatic, and with the mild Mediterranean climate, warm summers and mild winters, the country is a welcome escape throughout the year. Especially if one believes that Santorini is a bit too mainstream. Croatia is filled with islands and beaches, each of a different kind, making it the perfect summer getaway.

  1. Egypt

For a history buff, Egypt is a treasure trove. Whilst Cairo and Alexandria are the most popular cities, Luxor and Aswan provide a lot to explore, not to mention the Pyramids of Giza. The millennial-old monuments and structures have always been on my travel bucket list.

  1. Bhutan

A country that radiates peace and calm, somehow. Perhaps, it has something to do with the country emphasising happiness. With monasteries, mountains and the fresh air, it is hard to not feel at peace here, especially since the country is only opening up to tourism now and it remains vastly pure, till date. Being the last Himalayan kingdom, the country offers fortresses as well as beautiful treks. However, unlike other places, Bhutan is interesting in that the government imposes a per-day fee for casual visitors, which includes food, accommodation, transportation and all other miscellaneous expenses, which is paid straight to the government.

P.S. This entire list was written under the assumption that money and other practical considerations ceased to exist.


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