Crocs: the ultimate comeback kid

Should Crocs have come back with a vengeance? Gabbie De Boer wonders whether this was the right choice.

Gabbi De Boer
10th May 2021
Over the years, there have been many questionable footwear trends. Socks and sandals, wedge-heeled trainers, and fluffy sliders to name but a few. Though nothing quite takes the crown like Crocs do. 

Personally, I think they’re great.

They're waterproof, breathable, and very quick and easy to put on, which makes them ideal to have by the front or back door for errands like taking the bins out. 

Recently, Crocs have massively surged in popularity, with 2020 bringing in some of the highest revenue the company has seen since beginning trade in 2001. Many factors have lead to this but a key contributor has certainly been social media. 

TikTok is known for catapulting things into the limelight, and Crocs are no exception. Much like a catchy tune or dance, the hashtag #Crocs has over 1.5 billion views. Videos of people displaying their colourful Crocs collections or their hoards of cute ‘jibbitz’ (shoe charms) are among those that have caught people’s attention.

Trends like buying a matching pair of Crocs with a friend, or even getting coordinating jibbitz together has stormed social media platforms. There’s even the #CrocsChallenge, which involves putting the shoes into ‘sport mode’ (by pushing the back strap down) and running as fast as you can in them. This isn’t the first time Crocs have garnered social media attention though - the infamous phrase "what are those" is synonymous with the Crocs brand too. 

Of course, celebrities are capitalising on this hype as well. Justin Bieber, Post Malone, and Bad Bunny are among those that have collaborated with the brand. Most recently Bieber’s fashion line 'Drew House' (which dropped in March) incorporates the Croc name. His collection features bright yellow and more muted lilac pairs of Crocs with cute jibbitz, including one with the brand name. These items have imminently sold out, most certainly due to their affiliations with Bieber and also their eye-catching colour scheme. 

Despite Crocs regaining exposure, many still aren’t budging from their dislike of the rubber clogs. For example, when gifted a pair of Bieber’s collection, fashion icon Victoria Beckham proclaimed she’d “Rather die” than wear them… which says a lot, considering they are seen as a wardrobe staple by many. 

Their popularity is pretty remarkable, and if one thing's for sure it's that they are renowned for many reasons.

What could also be contributing to their wardrobe-essential status is the impact of COVID-19 on current fashion trends. Comfort is a growing necessity for many, especially due to the need to work from home. Crocs fit this purpose incredibly well particularly since there are styles with added comfort of a fur trim, just like slippers, that are ideal for wearing around the house. They are also versatile, being worn both indoors and outdoors and at places like the beach or pool. 

Whether you love them or hate them, they’re a pretty decent shoe and it doesn't look like they're disappearing any time soon. Their popularity is pretty remarkable, and if one thing's for sure it's that they are renowned for many reasons. Whether it be their colour, their uniqueness, or their versatility.

Featured Image: @crocs

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