Cross country: NUAXC take on Edinburgh Braids

The NUAXC president reports on their races north of the border.

Toby Loveday
10th December 2021
Photo: NUAXC
The long-awaited Edinburgh braids... Uncharacteristically for Scotland, there were no angry clouds in the sky, the sun was shining, and the winds were minuscule!

The conditions of the course might have been nice… if only it hadn’t rained the night before. It was set to be a tough race, with the infamous incline, mud to your ankles, and tough rock surfaces. Nonetheless, NUAXC brought their A-game, with team spirits high, and their competitive streak even higher! Racing for NUAXC were past and current alumni, with some sprinters in the mix too, making this race one to watch!

First off was the 5km loop, with 23 of our runners opting for the shorter of the two races. Making it up the never-ending incline was hard enough, but the decline brought a second, knee-shocking reason to cry. Although tough, all of our racers brought their best performance, making NUAXC extremely proud! Both Freshers Ed and Joe came into their first race with NUAXC and absolutely smashed it with some incredible times. Shona ran strong, coming top 10 in females, with Emily not far behind at 24th. Special mentions to Emily for managing to not fall over during a race, and to our current 100m sprinter Jake who performed excellently with his “5k is just 50 sets of 100m” mentality.

Edward (9th), Joe M (21st), James (24th), Sam (27th), Shona (61st), Christian (82nd), Jaden (94th), Emily (97th), Matthew (108th), Daniel (112th), Cameron (147th), Jonathan (149th), Stephy (167th), Jeanclaude (193rd), Phoebe (197th), Hannah (200th), Aoife (208th), Laura (213th), Archie (232nd), Sophie (239th), Annie (241st), Melissa (254th), Jake (281st).

What’s worse than doing a 5km loop with a huge hill? Doing it twice. Next up was the 10km race, with 10 strong runners giving it their all to overcome the incline not once, but two times! Our runners absolutely smashed it, with strong performances from all. Ex Alumni Alex finished first for the NUAXC men, with Harry only a few positions behind. Natasha brought it home for the NUAXC women, being the only female to partake in the 10km race, finishing with a great time and a brilliant position of 39th in her category. Special mentions again to President Toby, who still smashes his races, even with no training.

Alex (48th), Harry (54th), Joe P (56th), Toby (70th), Jamie (81st), Luke (90th), Christopher (93rd), Tom (131st), Sigarth (142nd), Natasha (186th).

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