Cross River Gorilla Project launches #PeelorPay challenge

Cross River Gorilla Project launched the Peel or Pay challenge to raise awareness about the critical situation of the Cross River Gorilla

Hattie Barne
29th September 2020
The Cross River Gorilla Project (CRGP) launched a virtual challenge on 27 September to raise awareness of its conservation efforts.

The ‘Peel or Pay’ challenge takes place on the charity’s Instagram live feed and consists of peeling a banana within 50 seconds using only your feet or paying a £5 donation upon failure.

John Daniels is the founder of the CRGP. Since 2016, the organisation has researched and aimed to protect the critically endangered Cross River gorilla. Only 300 of this species remain, principally in the Lebialem Highlands of Cameroon.

Image: Wikimedia

The Project’s work with Newcastle University involves data collection and research to better know and understand the gorillas. It aims to learn the most suitable ways of supporting these animals and conserving their habitat to ensure the continuation of the species.

Project Manager and Newcastle University graduate, Jennie Chennells said: “We are working to raise funds to support the implementation of rainforest rangers to continue to monitor and protect these iconic gorillas and their habitat in the Lebialem Highlands."

Their partnership with Environmental and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) has helped conserve, build and support local communities.

The project forwards women’s empowerment focusing on their education. Through their partnership with ERuDeF’s Centre for the Advancement of Women’s Initiatives to run projects.

Chennells said: “This sort of work is really important to support local communities and girls and engage students with their local wildlife which is made up of a whole host of endangered species from Cross River gorillas to pangolins.”

Their partnership with Environmental and Rural Development Foundation (ERuDeF) has helped conserve, build and support local communities.

“For our Pencil Case Project last year, we had a student-led campaign with Newcastle University students to collect pencil case donations which were then given to a class of female students in Cameroon.”

Through their partnership, ERuDeF and CRGP have founded the “CAWI’s economic fund” which will provide “a toll free loan to IDP (internationally displaced persons) women.”

The loan system has allowed women to support their communities in a more sustainable way, by producing and selling soap, supporting their families while being self-reliant.

“Our ‘Gorilla Club’ is a series of educational packs designed for homeschooling, particularly during lockdown to help engage and inspire children to have fun learning about Cross River gorillas and the wider issues of climate change and global warming,” said Chennells.

With the 'Peel or Pay' challenge, people of all ages and abilities can get involved. All funds go to the Cross River Gorilla Project. To find out more information and get involved, head over to their website.

Images: Cross River Gorilla Project

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