David Attenborough’s new series Dynasties predicted to be a ‘roaring’ success

Planet Earth II was a huge success. Dynasties is expected to share the same fate.

Eleanor Gratton
19th November 2018
Photo by Frida Bredesen on Unsplash

There’s just something distinctively calming about sitting down on the sofa with a cuppa and the velvet voice of David Attenborough oozing out of the television. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that many are looking forward to the first episode of Attenborough’s new documentary, Dynasties. So what is the documentary all about, and will it make you think twice about how our actions causing climate change have an impact on these unique animals?

The series is made up of five episodes, with each focusing on a different group of animals. The first episode is all about chimpanzees, and then penguins, lions, painted wolves and finally tigers.

So, how is this series different from its extremely successful predecessors Planet Earth and The Blue Planet?

Rather than giving a birds eye view of a species as a whole, the series zooms in on particular animal families in order to give a more detailed review of aspects of their lives that are incredibly similar to humans, for example family relationships and romance.

The aim of the series is to potentially make us consider that the animals’ behaviors and interactions with one another are not too dissimilar from our own, as well as trying to create a sense of fondness towards the animals, to motivate us to preserve them in an increasingly polluted world.

With David Attenborough being so well renowned and loved across the country, who could be a better spokesperson to influence people on how and why to preserve the environment?

The first episode, which took over 300 days of jungle footage to create, already looks like one to tune into.

The filming required the crew to follow chimpanzees in 40°C for up to 15 miles daily, and there is therefore no doubt that every minute detail has been caught on camera.

Teasers have showed that one of the aspects of the first episode will be closely following the alpha male of the group, ironically called David, and observing how he struggles to maintain at the top of the hierarchy.

Furthermore, for the next episode about penguins, the crew filmed in a completely opposing environment, in Antarctica, for 11 months in temperatures as low as -30°C. Therefore, as an audience, we will be able to observe some of the most fascinating species from all corners of the world in the comfort of our own homes. What’s not to love?

The trailer for the series also leaves you riddled with excitement, with a montage of action shots from every family that is followed.

From forest fires to wolf pack hunts, the series promises to be action packed from beginning to end. Each snapshot showed a glimpse of the personal story of each family of animals, following both the challenges and highlights of their way of life.

Thus, it comes as no surprise that the prediction is that the series will be another smash hit, especially when previous Attenborough series have racked up enormous viewing ratings. The debut episode of Planet Earth II has become the most-watched natural history documentary in 15 years, with 12.26 million views, which was 40.9 % of the viewing public.

So, on Sunday, why not sit down and watch a programme that is both intriguing and eye capturing, yet incredibly educational? With a national treasure like David Attenborough narrating, how could you say no? I for one will definitely be settling onto my sofa to learn a little more about the world around me and see just how much there is to explore.

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