Deadpool 2 (15) Review

Jimmy Athey reviews the latest superhero blockbuster

Jimmy Athey
21st May 2018
Image: YouTube

Probably the best sequel since Shrek 2, Ryan Reynolds brings us yet another hilarious thrill-ride with the masterful Deadpool 2. With strong emotional scenes, brilliant action sequences and gags galore, this highly anticipated second outing lives up to the hype.

The opening is typical Deadpool; a very obvious reference to a Wolverine film, followed by a hilarious set up with narration from Reynolds. Similar to the original, Deadpool 2 has a hilarious opening title sequence parodying a certain spy franchise, and every scene has been perfectly crafted to include all of the gags needed to be a Deadpool film while also making a serious narrative.

Due to the introduction of Cable (Josh Brolin), Deadpool must protect a teenage mutant from Brolin's time-travelling half-robot (yes there are references to Terminator). It pits anti-hero against anti-hero, and the casting of Josh Brolin, who shares excellent chemistry with Ryan Reynolds, is a master-stroke. Any film that parodies pop culture and is joke-heavy could become tiresome, but Deadpool 2 places humour among the chaos superbly, which works in the sequel's favour.

As with any sequel, it could have been a costly let down. I myself went in to this film with caution, as a bigger budget almost always leads a film to lose its original charm and important essence that made the first film so good. No need to worry however, as this film contains everything that Deadpool had, and is expanded in the right way. The charm of Ryan Reynolds is as strong as ever, showing exactly why he was born to play the character. Another potentially troubling aspect was that original director Tim Miller (who made his directorial debut with Deadpool) being replaced with David Leitch (co-director of John Wick), but that seemed to be a perfect replacement, as Leitch brings something different without spoiling the essence of the original.

Not only does it involve one of the hottest names in the marvel universe (Josh Brolin also plays Thanos, as Deadpool likes to remind you) but names such as Terry Crews, Bill Skarsgaard and Rob Delaney are also introduced. These characters will form the 'X-Force', which will be the focus of the next outing featuring Deadpool. Rob Delaney has become a fan favourite as Peter, a civilian with “both types of Diabetes” who brings plenty of humour to the film. However, it is Zazie Beetz as Domino who is the stand-out new addition to the supporting cast, creating groundwork for future appearances.

Even though there’s new characters, Deadpool 2 still involves the majority of its original cast, adding more development for Colossus and Negasonic, and more hilarious scenes with blind Al (including more re-growth of limbs). The film is a real show of how much Fox care about the fans and Deadpool, as they go bigger and bolder with all the jokes and the ridiculousness of the character. This is how superhero movies should be made.

Rating: 5/5

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