Dealing with Homesickness

Homesickness happens to the best of us, but how can we prevent these feelings from distracting us at university?

Ewan Joshua Helliwell
15th November 2021
Image from Unsplash @Christian Erfurt

All students struggle with homesickness at some point during their time at University. Burnout towards the end-of-semester is all too common, and can make some of us miss home more than usual. But what can we do to combat it?

Firstly, remember your feelings are normal. The University and your friends will understand that much. If you feel as if you are struggling, the University has wellbeing resources for everyone at It's really important that you talk to your friends about how you feel, because they are there to help you. Don't let your feelings build up, as it will hurt you in the long run.

Secondly, ask yourself a really important question: what do you miss the most about home? Do you miss the food, the sights of the countryside, or the hectic nature of a busy city? Although we cannot bring our loved ones to us, we can enjoy the memories of home.

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It's really important that you talk to your friends about how you feel, because they are there to help you.

Try an activity that reminds you of home, whether that's cooking a home-comfort dish, or rewatching an uplifting programme that you enjoyed with your family. Whatever it is, everyone has something that brings a smile to their face.

Giving yourself a day off might be just what you need. Sometimes it can be hard to remember that there’s more to life than University. In Newcastle, we are lucky to have green spaces like Jesmond Dene or beaches like Whitley Bay. Make sure to wrap up tight, and to treat yourself to a warm drink when you're there.

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It could be as simple as keeping yourself busy. It’s too easy to mindlessly scroll through social media in bed, but there’s no better feeling than being on top of your work or going out with your friends on Saturday night - take your pick!

No matter how you are feeling, remember your feelings will not last forever. You will be home before you know it.

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