Deals or No Deals?

Love Black Friday it? Hate Black Friday? Helen Robson can’t decide, so she’s making the case for both

5th December 2016

Black Friday is an anticipated occasion full of as much joy as Christmas itself for some. For others, mostly working in retail, it is a term applied to the living hell endured one weekend out of the year. The term was actually coined in the 1960’s by police officers in Philadelphia, U.S. They used the term to describe the mayhem of shoppers on the day after thanksgiving as everyone flocked into shops in preparation of Christmas, ahead of the big Army-Navy football game held on the following Saturday. This seems strange to hear, when we look at the worldwide mass of abusive shoppers and fights over plasma screens ‘Black Friday’ has come to represent.

As a student I am constantly trying to save every spare bit of change I have, which I’m sure a lot of you can relate to and Christmas time is when you really feel the strain of your bank account. Your family may consist of a large amount of siblings, cousins, or step-relations; maybe you buy for your partner’s family too. Whatever the case, as that stack of presents increases that money pile decreases. This is where Black Friday comes in. With participants such as PC World, John Lewis, Amazon, Tesco, Topshop and so much more you will undoubtedly find something for everyone in this colossal sale. By picking up on sneaky deals like this, you can make your money stretch further- maybe you’ll even have enough money left to buy yourself a Christmas outfit. If, like me, you are completely terrified of the hordes of angry shoppers and lack of oxygen around the shopping centres, one of the many benefits of Black Friday is that it tailors to online shopping too. Next year maybe choose to shop from the comfort of your bed with a strong cup of coffee and a list at the ready as you browse on into the night.

As mentioned, the drama of Black Friday can become quite overwhelming when shoppers become frantic and confrontation is inevitable. In the past there have been violent reports of fighting over ‘who had it first’ as everyone becomes desperate to have the best deals. This animalistic behaviour is truly disappointing to see in the public and terrifying to be a part of. Even without arguments, the atmosphere of Black Friday is stressful and those who are too young or too old find it hard to cope. The most disappointing aspect of Black Friday is the pressure of those working in retail, dealing with abusive customers and working frantically on their feet for long hours in such a stressful environment. All manners are lost in this frantic display and shop workers take the brunt of our actions. Therefore, as much as you want that money to stretch and you’re in a hurry to be done and have the stress of Christmas shopping over with, please do keep in mind next year that shop workers are there to help and are not to be trod on.

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