Dear Future Me: A Letter of Love and Hope

Carly Horne writes a letter to her future self

Carly Horne
22nd February 2021
If this was a letter to my past self, I'd be advising you to stop caring so much what other people think. But given you have a good couple of years on my past self, I'm going to give you the benefit of the doubt on that one.

At the time of writing, COVID-19 has been in circulation for over a year. You're becoming increasingly familiar with the same four walls of your flat and the simple joys of seeing your friends at Wetherspoons and hopping on a plane whenever you fancy are no longer luxuries you have. So, no pressure, but the future is all I really have right now.

I used to have truly wild expectations of you, ranging from living in a beautiful house in the Scottish countryside to driving an equally as beautiful car. Good for you if you have those things, but the past year has taught me that none of those things really matter. I couldn't care less if you end up an A&E consultant or an actor in community theatre. I also don't care if you drive a top of the line Range Rover or a car whose soul purpose is to get you from A to B. Equally, if you have a house with central heating, if your clothes keep you warm in the winter (I know, however, you'll always have a soft spot for French Connection) and you can get where you need to be - what real importance do the material things have?

So future me, I hope you base your idea of success on the following:

Are you excited to get out of bed in the morning?

Do you have people in your life who show you love? Do you return that love in the way your loved ones deserve?

Are you living every single day to its fullest? Are you experiencing new things and making the most of what you have?

And most importantly; Are you truly happy?

Because I'm telling you right now, so you don't have to rely on some very expensive therapist or the future Mr. Carly Horne to tell you so; you deserve to be happy more than you deserve a house in the countryside or a Range Rover or to work as a consultant or otherwise.

Because if you're not happy, what else is there?

Feature Image: Hannah Buckley, via The Courier Creative Contributors

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