Dear Past Me: everything will be okay

An anonymous student writes a letter to their past self

Leah Graham
29th March 2021
Hannah Buckley
The best piece of advice that anyone can give you is to live for yourself. You're only here for a short time, so don't spend it trying to make others happy.

Hello, stranger. I may look the same on the outside but believe me, inside everything has changed. Just know that whatever happens, everything will be okay.

I know that you’re grappling with the decision to change your degree, to live in student accommodation and that you’re worried about being more than two years behind your friends. Know that everyone does things at different rates; there isn’t a deadline that you have to graduate, move out or be in a relationship. Study what you enjoy, the most important thing for you is to be happy, not what you think other people will approve of or what will make you the most money. Live for yourself; don’t waste your time being unhappy.

Know that mum will be okay. Know that the hospitals are scary, but your mum is immensely strong and not even brain-tumours can stop her from being the loud, opinionated and amazing woman that she is. Know that I’m enormously proud of you for getting your a-levels and getting into your first choice university whilst this has been weighing on your mind. She’ll be okay, the future is bright.

Comparing yourself is one of the worst things that you can do, it never ends with both people feeling that they’re better off. You are more wonderful than you realise. Your nose isn’t as big as you think it is, everyone isn’t staring at your birthmark and the most important thing you can be in life is kind. So go do it, cut your hair, dye it brown, pink, silver- you will look amazing whatever you do.

I guess that my biggest piece of advice is to live for you. You can spend hours thinking about if you’ll be happy, what you’ll do in the future or if everything will be okay. Spoiler alert, it will. So change your hair, ask out that boy, and go on that trip. Enjoy the little things in life like movie nights, playing with the cats and even arguing with your little brother. You've got this.

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