Debate of the season: comfy vs clad Christmas

Susanne Norris discusses the debate of the season...

10th December 2018
Comfort on Christmas? Or are you more about your best attire?

There are two types of people on Christmas day.

Type one buys a new outfit especially. She pairs this with skyscraper heels, sparkly earrings and a clutch from Urban Outfitters covered in glitter. All in all, she spends a good hundred quid to look like the star of Bethlehem itself.

Then, there’s type two. She takes a much more practical approach, choosing to stay in her pyjamas for maximum waistband comfort at Christmas dinner. That’s not to say she’s made no effort. She pairs her pyjamas with a Christmas jumper. This is usually one her Nan has bought her and consists of the added bonus of either lights or a 3D Rudolph nose.

[pullquote]And, I’m not here to bash either look. I think they’re both wonderful in their own ways.[/pullquote]And, I’m not here to bash either look. I think they’re both wonderful in their own ways. I myself am a type one girl on Christmas Eve, and revert to type two in my (usually hungover) state on Christmas day. I am more than okay with this. It’s the best of both worlds. So, without further ado, here’s some recommendations for looks, regardless of how you celebrate Christmas day.

If you’re the dress-up kind, look no further than Topshop to provide you with plenty of Christmas inspiration. It’s velvet everything. Velvet bodysuits, velvet skirts, I’ve even seen velvet flares. My personal star-buy was a velvet jumpsuit, embellished with silver glitter. Sounds like something your mum would have put you in when you were five, but it honestly looks amazing on. It pinches in at the waistline to create a flattering look - but the waistband is also elasticated – so you can eat turkey to your heart’s delight. I pair mine with a pair of high-heeled strappy sandals and a silver clutch. You can also consider silver eyeshadow to bring out the look fully, and a high pony-tail draws attention to the face and décolletage, as the jumpsuit features a gorgeous V-neck. You can choose to wear it as is or – if you want a more conservative look given you’ll probably be with family – slip a polo neck crop top on underneath. This look can be dressed up or down as much as you want.

Equally, if you’re one to stay in your pyjamas all day, try Marks and Spencer. I can hear the groans already, but it’s no longer a shop just for older women. With Holly Willoughby fronting their new campaigns, a lot more is being tailored to women in their twenties. And, their pyjamas do not disappoint. Think checked red sets, colourful thermals and tops with slogans such as ‘star gazer’ – perfectly cheesy for the Xmas period. And – if you’re too cool for pyjamas – their range of loungewear is more understated but just as comfy. After picking up your PJs, head downstairs in their Northumberland Street store for Christmas jumpers galore. Or, if you’re too broke from present shopping, pop across the street to Primark. Here you’ll find a vast range of jumpers and slippers to add to your comfy look. 3D Santa slippers? It’s a yes from me.

Whatever your preferred look, there’s plenty out there to fit your Xmas day requirements. So, whether you’re from a family who dresses their best or gets roaring drunk in their comfiest gear, there’s a look out there for everyone.

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