Debate: Should we care about the Platinum Jubilee?

In the run-up to the Jubilee Celebrations, we consider whether we should care about this milestone.

Mary Chude
1st June 2022
British-themed bunting. Image source: Free SVG.

For: by Mary Chude

Let me start by saying you probably weren’t expecting the argument endorsing the Platinum Jubilee to present as a straight up slandering of Her Majesty. But, the truth is, I don’t push controversy when I say a lot of people don’t care about the monarchy. It’s a stance I align with myself.

While the Queen has no doubt charitably contributed to society, what difference are her actions from the philanthropy of a rich person? On the Jubilee celebration itself, isn’t this just using taxpayers’ money on passioned pageantry? Doesn’t seem a sound idea of a government whose management of the economy has seen inflation rise to an all-time high.

(Image Credit: Wikimedia Commons)

Now, to reign in the disapproval, let me finally align this article with why I’m on the side of for. It comes at providing the best answer to the age-old question: What is the monarchy good for? Well, the Platinum Jubilee presents them a prime opportunity to prove their worth: it’s marked by a bank holiday weekend! Yes, this first week of June includes the precious rarity that is a four-day weekend. A day to cool off on commitments shouldn’t be scoffed at.

Celebration and fanfare? Don’t care. Mark this ‘marvellous milestone’ the right way: enjoy a good lie in. This article was created at the cost of my digital footprint.

Against: by Emily Kelso, Comment sub-editor

I will make it clear from the outset that I have no particular pro or anti monarchy sentiments. I don't fawn over the most recent images of the Cambridge children by the Duchess, but I'm hardly calling for the abolishment for the monarchy either. This apathetic point of view is the crux of my argument here: most people just do not care enough about the monarchy, and by proxy, celebrations like the Jubilee.

It is a fact in England that the monarchy does exist, but the Queen has a limited impact on the lives of most people. The Royal Family are meant to serve as figureheads of the nation, although recent tours in Commonwealth nations show that perhaps the monarchy is not as appropriate or welcomed anymore. Are these elaborate celebrations necessary given most people cannot recall how the monarchy has impacted their lives? There is no doubt Elizabeth II has served her country well these past 70 years, and it is her we are celebrating: would she want this affair in her honour? Or perhaps a few Doctor Who reruns on the TV with the dogs and an early nights sleep?

We are still emerging from a pandemic, the debts of which will need paying off for generations

We must also think of the cost. We are still emerging from a pandemic, the debts of which will need paying off for generations. Surely the greatest gift the Queen can give us is to just livestream a quick "thank you" (on the TV or Twitch, who knows which would garner the better views) and let us have the bank holiday anyway.

The bank holiday is also a moot point for students given it is exam season. Who has got the time, or the will, to join in the festivities? I imagine any student-planned celebrations that may occur will have little to do with the Jubilee, and more to do with seizing a chance for partaking in a common British hobby: excessive drinking.

Am I attending a street party or getting together with people to watch the celebrations? Heavens no, do I look like my parents? I've got exams to revise for.

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