Destiny cooking up some recipes in August 2020

Bungie are set to release a Destiny cookbook from Victoria Rosenthal.

Stacey Henley
9th December 2019
Destiny, one of the biggest FPS' of the decade, will soon be setting the table with a cookbook set to release later this year.

The book is an official product made by developers Bungie and is ostensibly written in character by rare trader Eva Levante. The actual author is Victoria Rosenthal, the popular gaming food streamer of Pixelated Provisions.

Rosenthal's channel often creates dishes either from games or inspired by them, including Stardew Valley, The Outer Worlds, and recently tried to recreate every curry from Pokémon Sword & Shield's Curry Dex. Yep, Even the whipped cream curry.

It's not the first time Rosenthal has gotten involved in official cookbook merchandise either: she was the brains behind the official Fallout cookbook which released earlier this year too.

It's not the first time Rosenthal has gotten involved in official cookbook merchandise.

Destiny doesn't at first seem a game ideally suited to a cookbook. It doesn't have in-game food options as in-depth as something like Breath Of The Wild, nor is it especially focussed on exploration and world-building as a concept. It does, however, include a fair few worlds, and the apparent flora and fauna of these planets make up the basis of the dishes.

The fried chicken on the front cover doesn't bode well for Cayde-6's Colonel, but other than that we have no real indication of what the recipes inside will be. The book promises 'mouthwatering food from Levante's diverse list of recipes inspired by the game's unique worlds', and feels like a must-have for budding chefs who also happen to be Hunters, Titans or Warlocks.

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