Detective Pikachu Filming Underway

Heard about the Detective Pikachu game? Well that's not all that's happening for Nintendo's iconic electric rodent.

George Boatfield
26th February 2018
Image: IGN / YouTube

There’s nothing new about Pokemon characters being given human voices; take Meowth and his heavy New York accent in the classic 90’s anime as an example. It’s a defining part of his character. Similarly, for Pikachu, fans are instead used to hearing the iconic ‘pika’ sound go along with appearances.

So when the Japanese trailer for the Detective Pikachu 3DS game dropped a year or so ago, many were taken aback to hear that the titular character was instead talking with a human voice. The contrast of the deep tone of a Japanese man with the high pitched Pikachu everyone is used resulted in shock for some and hilarity for most.

And now, this is being taken a step further with a film in the works that is set to tie in with the 3DS game of the same name. The prospect of a Hollywood cast in tow sent speculation on who would voice Pikachu into overdrive. We’re still waiting on a trailer for the film but, entirely unexpectedly, Ryan Reynolds is set to lend his voice to the electric detective, with a supporting cast including Bill Nighy and Rita Ora. Until the casting announcement late last year, Danny DeVito had the popular vote amongst fans. Following it, many are eagerly anticipating Reynolds’ portrayal, but let’s be honest, the sultry tones of Gilbert Gottfried is the only real choice and a missed opportunity.

Add all this to it being a live-action film, and it’s indeed set to be an unusual mix. With a release date at some point in 2019 and the project still in the middle of filming, there’s going to be quite the wait for a trailer to see how this turns out. At the very least, the footage will act as some assurance that it’s even possible to have something as mental as this in a cinema. Dreams might well come true, folks.

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