Detective swims in the North Sea every morning to raise money for charity

Sea-dipping detective raises money for the Marine Conservation Society by swimming in the North Sea every morning throughout winter.

Lenka Minarovicova
11th November 2020
Northumbria police’s Detective Sergeant Jacqui Croskery has recently taken up a new hobby – sea dipping. Every morning she gets up at 6 am to get her “daily dose of vitamin sea” in the North Sea, and now she’s doing it to support Marine Conservation Society.

She said, "I started swimming in the sea this summer having been thinking about it for some time and ended up trying it with a friend who has dipped in the sea for three years. Apparently, it takes three weeks to get hooked but to be honest, I was addicted after a week and have never looked back!"

In the next 5 months, she'll take part in The Chatter Challenge. There are a few rules: no wetsuit is allowed with the exception of socks, gloves and hat, and the dip must be in open water; however, there’s no minimum time restriction. She explained: “I saw dipping in the winter as a huge challenge and I am pretty competitive so thought about raising money for a charity whilst doing a valid challenge.”

Croskery explains why she chose the the Marine Conservation Society, the UK’s leading charity for the protection of sea, shores and wildlife: “Many of the other swimmers and I do a beach clean every morning and regularly find balloons, plastic and glass bottles and many other pollutants so the Marine Conservation was a no-brainer to choose to support.”

Swimming in the sea has many different benefits for your health. Ocean water is full of mineral salts, which can improve your skin conditions as well as sinus issues. Moreover, swimming in cold water activates receptors that release hormones like endorphins or adrenaline. As DS Croskery said: “There is a huge endorphin rush and wonderful glow after being in the sea – but you should never attempt it alone or without an experienced partner at hand.”

The progress of participants can be followed on their Facebook page The Chatter Challenge 2020/21 from November 1to March 31. Anyone can donate by visiting:

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