Discovering Authentic Flavors: A Quick Tour of Newcastle's Asian Markets

We've got the top places for your shopping when you are craving oriental kitchen.

Szuyi Lu
5th March 2024
We've got the top places for your shopping when you are craving oriental kitchen.
In eight cities with Chinatowns, Newcastle has over 10 Asian markets, and two more are on the way. Wondering which one's right for you? Here are some suggestions.

HiYuo: 108 Newgate St, NE1 5RQ

HiYou Supermarket is in the city center, like Tesco Extra. They have fresh produce, meat, and kitchen gadgets. They offer lots of choices – different noodles, pans, and even niche products from India, Thailand, Japan, and Korea. Great for cooking with authentic flavors.

What's special? They've got a Chinese bakery. People say their bread and cakes are authentic, softer, and less sweet than Western pastries. A popular choice is Taro Purple Rice Cake with mochi, and it's under £6.

JK: 10A Northumberland Rd, NE1 8JF

JK Supermarket focuses on Japanese and Korean stuff. It's clean and tidy, not like the typical Asian market. They have popular snacks, drinks, seasonings, and frozen food. Additionally, they sell BTS and Japanese cartoon stuff – perfect for a friend who loves Asian culture.

The cool thing? They've got a delicatessen with a noodle cooking machine. Pick your ramen, set it up, push a button, and it cooks instantly. They even have 10 seats if you want to eat there.

Senfeng: 45-51 Stowell St, NE1 4YB

The newest is Senfeng Supermarket, open since the second week of February. They're celebrating with special discounts and gifts. A good time to get Chinese seasonings or snacks. They have their own bakery with lots of bread and cakes. Also, a delicatessen for Hong Kong meals, like beef brisket rice and homemade meatballs.

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