Disney's Marvellous addition

Jacob Clarke tells us what's next for Disney in collaboration with Marvel

Jacob Clarke
7th December 2018
Flickr (Gage Skidmore)

Last week Disney announced plans to add some MCU based shows to its new Netflix competitor. This is in light of the cancellation and declining interest in Netflix’s own MCU shows such as Luke Cage and Iron Fist, suggesting Disney is aiming for a monopoly on all Marvel Themed entertainment productions.

Despite some definite flops (see Inhumans), Marvel’s recent TV quality has been well above standard, from the intriguing Jessica Jones, resurrecting the dead Daredevil franchise and looking more into obscure a politically inclined series such as Cloak and Dagger. This means Disney has a lot to live up to in creating their own series based on the popular superhero universe. And let me tell you, they’ve started off big.

Disney has announced that Tom Hiddlestone’s Loki will be receiving his own show. However, once we saw the God of Mischief he was, well, dead. If we are being honest, being dead has not stopped Thor’s brother from returning before, however recently marvel has been receiving a lot of flak for always bringing their characters back from the dead, lessening the impact of onscreen deaths.

Disney does certainly have a lot to live up to with these new series

This new venture would give Marvel a chance to look at Loki’s backstory instead, his tragic upbringing as being the hated spawn of ice giants leading to his role as the outcast in the royal court of Asgaard would certainly be an interesting storyline to follow.

Loki is not the only fan favourite to receive their own series. Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch will too be gracing the small screen with her mutant magic. This is an odd choice by Disney as Scarlett Witch’s back story has already received some decent explanation with her hatred of Stark industries and her relationship to Quicksilver in Age of Ultron. Marvel could follow the two mutants in their adolescence as teens just finding their powers for the first time. This would also be a great way to bring back Quicksilver as a mutant now that Disney is on its way to owning fox’s Marvel properties such as the X-Men.

Disney does certainly have a lot to live up to with these new series, especially with some of the controversial characters they have chosen, however with the success Disney has had with the Marvel name in the last decade, fans should certainly be excited for some more Marvel content.

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