DIY Halloween Themed Lamp Shade

Want to make a hand-made lamp? It's simple and beautiful to look at!

28th October 2015

Looking for an easy original way to decorate your house for a Halloween party without spending a ton of money on decorations? You’re looking in the right place! I created this lampshade with materials easily obtainable at any local crafts store (I got mine at Wilko). By changing the colours and altering decorations, you can choose to create your own unique lampshade. Enjoy!
• Large mixing bowl
• Card
• Tissue paper
• Paints
• Yarn
• Assorted coloured pipe cleaner
• Googly eyes
• PVA glue
• Superglue
• Lamp shade frame
• Paintbrush
• Tape
How to:
1. Cut out strips of card, place one piece in the mixing bowl and start gluing other strips of card onto it to form the round shape of the bowl. Wait for the glue to dry and harden.
2. Remove the bowl shaped card from the mixing bowl and paint the inside with PVA glue. Stick pieces of tissue paper all over until covered. Paint over it with glue afterwards. Repeat the process around the outside when dry. (You can choose to use a hairdryer to speed up the drying process.)
3. Add superglue to the side of the lamp shade frame and glue it to the rim of your paper mache lampshade.
4. Layer tissue over the bottom bar of the round frame and repeat the PVA glue process making sure the frame is securely and firmly attached to your lampshade.
5. When dry, paint the top of the lampshade an orange and fade it to a yellow for added spookiness.
6. After it dries, wrap the yarn around the lampshade and the sides of the bottom to create a spider web look. Tape the first part of the string and last part of the string to the inside of the lampshade.
7. Cut the pipe cleaner into 4 pieces approximately 1½ inches long. Twist one around the other making a cross shape. Now twist the other two pieces around that so it looks like a snowflake crystal. Then, bend half of each leg down to make it look like a spider. Attach it to the lampshade by twisting one of the legs around the wrapped yarn. Use superglue to stick googly eyes onto the spider. Now repeat with as many spiders as you want to make.


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