Djerf Avenue and Influencer Fashion

There's been a lot of hype around Matilda Djerf's brand on social media. So, what about a critical review?

Samantha Seidu
13th May 2022
Image: Instagram @matildadjerf
Matilda Djerf’s clothing brand ‘Djerf Avenue’ was created in 2019 but has seen a recent surge in popularity on TikTok. Is Djerf Avenue worth the hype? And what does it tell us about influencer fashion brands?

The other day I was scrolling through TikTok to kill some time, as we all do. A bit of time into my daily TikTok scroll, I came across a ‘Djerf Avenue’ try on haul. I was drawn to the simple patterns, the neutral and pastel colours, so naturally I had to go and see what it was and what it was all about.

I was drawn to the simple patterns, the neutral and pastel colours

Djerf Avenue’ is a clothing brand founded by Matilda Djerf, a Swedish influencer with 2.3 Million followers on Instagram and 227,000 subscribers on YouTube. She is like your typical influencer: her content is aesthetically pleasing, she is incredibly good looking and above everything, her sense of style and clothing combinations are outstanding. When creating her brand, it's quite clear how she incorporated aspects of her own style into all of the items, whilst adding more to the neutral tones trend that has been taking over social media.

Image: Instagram @djerfavenue
Image: Instagram @djerfavenue

When you see the clothes and accessories on her website, everything there is minimalistic, consisting of plain, neutral colours, black and whites and soft pastels with simple patterns. The size range is also quite impressive ranging from XXS to XXL. All in all, the clothes on Djerf Avenue are really cute, and its simplicity allows for customers to style them with a lot of different things, making it versatile. One thing Djerf Avenue has that many other brands don’t is how sustainable it is. All items are ethically produced and manufactured in Portugal, and details on each of the factories are given on the website, making it a good shopping place for those that want to shop sustainably as well.

On thing Djerf Avenue has that many other brands don't is how sustainable it is

Image: Instagram @djerfavenue

Although the brand overall is really simple, the one major complaint I have is the price point. On looking at the clothes, my jaw dropped when I saw that a plain white tank top cost £39 and a pair of cream trousers cost £119, just to name a few. The problem here is that although Djerf Avenue's clothes look nice, you will be quick to realise that they aren’t pieces that haven’t been done before. You could get the same plain white tank top for half the price at any other major retailer, instead of spending almost £40. This is usually my major issue when it comes to influencer high fashion brands in general: the things they put out most of the time are not always original and creative, yet they will charge extortionately for something you could get cheaper elsewhere.

Image: Instagram @djerfavenue

My jaw dropped when I saw that a plain white tank top cost £39 and a pair of cream trousers cost £119

Djerf Avenue as a whole isn’t a bad brand. Would I say it’s worth the TikTok hype? I would. Would I say it’s worth what it costs? Probably not. Is it a good sustainable option? Definitely yes! Djerf Avenue is probably a brand that isn’t aimed at the everyday consumer despite its simplicity, because of its price, but on the days where you would want to treat yourself to cute, everyday, simple clothes, I would definitely recommend it!

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