Does drinking plenty of water mean clear skin?

Victoria Osho debates whether the theory of drinking more water giving you the glowing skin you've always wanted is really true

Victoria Osho
23rd February 2020
The sincere answer is no. It has been a long-believed myth that drinking gallons and gallons of water immediately means that clear skin is a result. And while drinking copious amounts of water could aid the journey to clear skin, it simply won't just fix it.

Firstly, it is important to be aware of the fact that water is extremely hydrating. This means that water, if anything, will hydrate your skin. Now, just because your skin is hydrated, does not mean it will be clear. It is easier to reach the heights of clear skin with hydrated skin, but without the work and effort it takes (for most people) to get clear skin, it probably won’t happen.

Different things work for different people... you need to play around to see what works for you

It must also be made known that different skin types require different things. It is more a matter of sampling the products that work for your skin, and the products that do not. I’m sorry, but contrary to popular belief, washing your face with dish soap, being un-problematic and downing a gallon even three hours just might not cut it for your skin. Or maybe it does, and you’re doing a lot more than you should be doing to your skin without realising that your skin is actually sensitive and only responds well to regular soap, yet you wonder why your £400 skincare routine plus your immense water drinking isn’t doing much for your skin. Different things work for different people, and whether your oily, dry or combination, you need to play around to see what works for you.

There are many other lifestyle choices that could make or break your journey to good skin. Firstly, the effects of a poor diet on skin cannot be cancelled out by downing a gallon or two. Secondly, that pillowcase that you sleep on, when was the last time you washed it? Are you allergic to the fabric? Do you potentially have acne prone skin? Could you possibly be allergic to certain things in your makeup/skincare products? Other factors could be stress, hormone changes, weight fluctuations etc. All of these are not null and void simply because you followed Brenda’s ‘drink four gallons of water a day’ challenge.

All in all, despite the fact that the myth has been busted over and over and again and water might not directly lead to clear skin, it is important to drink as much of it as you need to. Good skin cannot be obtained by a good skincare routine alone. Everything in combination such as a good skincare routine, good diet and exercise regimen, washed bed sheets, and of course, water, works together to (most likely, not in all cases) give you the clear skin you desire. Just keep striving, and keep experimenting with different products, and do not get discouraged if one skincare line does not work for you, because as said before, skincare is not a one-size-fits-all.

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