Does the original Fortnite map still hold up?

Where we dropping?

Jess Waller
30th November 2023
Source: X, @Guille_GAG

Fortnite is one of the most popular online games available so when the game reintroduced its original map to players, naturally, it led to an unparalleled volume of downloads. Although the success is palpable, will Fortnite hold up or is the reintroduction of the OG map merely a fleeting nod to nostalgia? 

For many players, playing the old Fortnite map evoked such an incredible sense of nostalgia, very much rekindling that feeling of being younger. The reintroduction of the old map transported players back to their fondest memories not just of the game but the time period itself, a time period for a lot of people containing a lot less stress & worry and, this familiarity with the original map has caused it to hold up.

Nonetheless, as players have grown older since the original map’s introduction (and the buzz of prime Fortnite) it doesn’t have the same allure it once did. Essentially, because there is an increased skill gap between good players and bad players it does make the game less enjoyable than it was over five years ago. Moreover, because the majority who cared about the OG map is older now, playing the OG map is a great outlet to relive good memories, almost bringing nostalgia to life but it is difficult to gauge how it will hold up because there isn’t as much interest in playing the old map apart from the nostalgia element. 

Source: X, @Guille_GAG
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