Dollar-saving decorations

Hannah Sharrett on how to look festive without spending the last remnant of your loan

14th December 2015

We are well into December now and Santa Claus will soon be coming to town (yay!). Yes, that’s right, the time has finally come to blare out the festive playlist, don your Christmas knitwear with pride, and eat a few too many mince pies; all in the name of Christmas spirit. Decorating your house this time of year is usually a given, however, when it comes to student housing (which you’re not actually in for a good part of the Christmas season and with money tighter than your fave skinny jeans come January) , there is always the debate of whether it’s worth it or not. Here’s your answer: it is always worth it! Shops try and kick start the Christmas season back in November so there’s no point using the time excuse. And in terms of the money, you just need to stay focused, not be drawn in by Fenwick’s magical Christmas window display, become acquainted with Poundland and learn the art of Christmas decorating student-budget style.

  Let’s just stay realistic about it. I’m not suggesting a house covered in lights and a life-size nativity scene out the front. However, I have heard on the grapevine that one student house has outdoor lights. If it’s you and you’re reading this please get in touch and tell me how the hell you’re affording it, because me and Newcastle’s other 20,000-ish students seem to be doing something fundamentally wrong with our student loans. Anyway, I’m thinking more along the lines of decking the halls with a few bells and holly. Don’t be a Scrooge; you don’t necessarily have to part with any cash. Instead, get creative and use Pinterest as a source of inspo. Or put everything you learnt in primary school to good use and cut out some paper snowflakes. You were looking for an excuse to procrastinate anyway, let’s face it.

  If you’ve had more Pinterest fails than success (that’s most us then), get all your housemates to contribute a bit of money and get yourselves on down to Poundland. They have some surprisingly decent Christmassy decorations and if in doubt just buy some tinsel for the cost of peanuts and go tinsel mad. You’ll soon have it looking like one of those mega grottos you always find at gardens centres this time of year. You know the ones; you once begged your parents to take you there to meet some random dude with a bit of a beer belly and a fake white beard.

You’ll soon have it looking like one of those mega grottos you always find at garden centres at this time of year

The best thing about decorating your student house is that you can all have a cute Christmas house dinner and admire your efforts and artistic talents. Or host pre drinks, then sit back and let the compliments reel in. It doesn’t have to be perfect, just enough to fill you with a little Christmas cheer before you get home where your parents have gone the whole hog and the festiveness really gets into full swing.

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