Dramas and Pajamas - The Apprentice finale

Lord Sugar's new buisness partner has been hired... but should she have been?

Joseph Caddick
26th March 2022
Image credit: Jonas Leupe - Unsplash

Spoilers ahead!

The finale of The Apprentice aired this week, bringing its sixteenth series to a close. And what a series it has been. From faeces-inspired cruise ship brands, to baby food prominently sporting the word ‘dies’ on the logo, this series has been one that has kept viewers hooked. However, is this for the right reasons?

When The Apprentice started out, it was very much a reality show, but still cast (relatively) competent businesspeople. Don’t get me wrong, the drama has always been there, but the candidates this year were noticeably worse than any previous year, and that really says a lot. More than any other series, it feels impossible to imagine these candidates as professional businesspeople.

The interviewers had an easy ride this year, though the interview episode was – as always – the highlight of the series. Not only did Claude return to grill the candidates, but the other interviewers certainly didn’t pull their punches. Even as someone with no business acumen, it was clear that their business plans (especially Brittany’s) were nowhere near substantial enough. Huge errors like not including manufacturing costs, or not thoroughly researching authentication services didn’t help.

My overall thoughts on this series of The Apprentice were confirmed during the finale. For weeks I have been telling people that Harpreet was bound to win (including in the last article I wrote about the show), because she was the only one who seemed even remotely competent. I just couldn’t see any scenario in which she did not win the £250,000 investment from Alan Sugar.

Although I initially disliked Kathryn because of her stint as PM in the first week, she grew on me by the end, if only because everyone else was so unlikeable. Where she lost me, however, was her business plan. Matching pyjamas for the whole family, including pets, is just too out there. Families that wear matching pyjamas creep me out, to be honest. Because I didn’t like her idea, the finale felt like even more of a one horse race to me. Everyone loves desserts, not everyone loves matching pyjamas.

Even if the show continues to cast comically clumsy candidates in the inevitable future series, I still very much enjoy watching it. Talking with friends and family about the ridiculous failures we witnessed is half the fun. Though it would be nice if, for once, the failures were balanced with some competency.

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