Dreaming of Green

Looking back at the party conferences in September and October, Alex Moore argues for more Green Party representation.

Alex Moore
20th November 2018
Image: Pixabay

The party conferences this Autumn have once more revealed that there is only one party which truly aims to invest in the future of our nation’s youth: the Greens.

As a young student, I (hopefully) have a long life ahead of me. I would like to live out the rest of my life in a fairer world, where my generation won’t have to work until we die, breathing air which isn’t toxic, and drinking water which isn’t polluted with micro-plastics. Time and time again the Green Party have shown that they are the only party in British politics who could truly make this dream a reality.

From slashing solar subsidies to free passes on fracking, the Conservatives have been abysmal in dealing with the current environmental crisis. Carrier bag charges and the ban on plastic straws are a step in the right direction, yet ultimately they are PR stunts which fail to go far enough. Whilst Jeremy Corbyn’s announcement of a proposed ‘green jobs revolution’ sounds promising, it is nothing the Greens haven’t been suggesting for years.

The Greens are also unique in having never forsaken the trust of its voters. After Nick Clegg’s outright betrayal of the nation’s youth with the tripling of student fees, the Liberal Democrats have a hard battle ahead of them to regain my trust. But let us not forget that the Conservatives are equally to blame, and Jared O’Mara, Clegg’s Labour replacement, has proved to be an even bigger disappointment than his predecessor.

[pullquote]Time and time again the Green Party have shown that they are the only party in British politics who could truly make this dream a reality [/pullquote]

They are also one of the few parties which are seemingly not troubled by internal divides. This likely stems from the ability of Green Party members to vote on all party leaders and policies. The Green’s voting reforms would also help to reinvigorate our shambles of a democracy. This is a truly democratic party of campaigners who share a common vision for a better future.

The Green Party also recognise the value of our younger generations and the need to protect their futures. Recent Conservative wage increases have failed to adequately assist those in younger age brackets – I’m sure many readers will appreciate how frustrating it is to be paid less than an older co-worker doing the same work. The Greens seek to establish a living wage which would not neglect younger workers.

We need to remember that Britain has a future beyond Brexit. There are bigger issues at stake than our position in the EU, such as the sustainability and survival of the entire planet. A strong Green presence in Parliament would help to ensure Britain could set a global example with our post-Brexit environmental protections.

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