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Sophie Wilson writes on five places she wishes to visit, whilst stuck in lockdown

Sophie Wilson
7th September 2020
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The word ‘summer’ reminds me of extensively exploring foreign cities, discovering hidden gems in cities that I have never visited, and catching a tan while my hair blows in the sea breeze. Lockdown has stilted my travelling for this year, but all this has done is make me determined to explore more next year. 

When the world is so big, it can be hard to decide where to start travelling. I went abroad last summer and saw some classic inter-railing sights at Berlin, Prague, Vienna and Budapest. So, where does that leave me in terms of where I want to visit next year? Here are five places that I am desperate to see.

Lisbon, Portugal.

This city is somewhere that is achievable to visit in a quick weekend away, I believe. I have seen so many pictures of the Alfama, the old neighbourhood in this European city. The network of narrow alleyways and streets seem like they are just waiting for me to get lost in them, and I love nothing more than emerging myself into the history and culture of a new place. 

The Alfama neighbourhood in Lisbon
Credit: Justraveling.com, Wikimedia

Stockholm, Sweden.

Well, if I tell you the ABBA museum is located here then you can already tell why I want to visit, right? Besides this very appealing attraction, my desire to visit Stockholm is purely for aesthetic reasons, as shallow as that may make me sound. A quick google search will bring you up pages and pages of brightly coloured houses clustered together, lying on the front of a beautiful mass of water. I need to escape after lockdown, somewhere beautiful and serene, and I feel this is exactly the place to reset my mindset. 

The brightly coloured roofs are a staple of Stockholm's architecture
Credit: Pikist.com

Monte Isola, Italy.

I have seen a fair bit of Italy, and everywhere I have visited has been beautiful. It is my favourite country by a long way, and I will never not want to revisit. Monte Isola is a mountain that is a tourist hotspot at the moment. It is great for hiking, for eating local fish and has even banned cars to make your visit a literal breath of fresh air. 

Credit: Wikimedia

Bratislava, Slovakia. 

Slovakia is not somewhere I would have immediately thought of visiting, but lockdown has given me a lot of time to research where I want to extend my travels to. Lying on the Danube, this city is meant to be bursting with culture. I don’t know about you, but when I go to a new country, I look for ANYTHING that I can visit that allows me to get a cultural feel for the country. I honestly do not understand why people would visit a country and not try and learn about the place they are in, about the history of where they are standing, or about how the residents live. It is all part of the fun, and it is what makes my holidays so special and treasured to me. 

Credit: Wikimedia

Toronto, Canada.

I feel that my final place on my list should be somewhere that is a bit more aspirational, as I very much doubt I will make it to Canada next year. However, a girl can dream right?! So so close to Niagara falls, Toronto will not only allow you to see this amazing attraction, but also you can visit Elton John’s high heels and a Gothic castle. Need I say anymore?

Credit: Wikipedia
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