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Xin Li shares her favourite past fashion experiences...

Xin Li
15th November 2018

Before thinking about why fashion is important,we must have our own opinions of what fashion is. As for me, fashion is not only about beautiful dresses,shiny expensive luxury,the latest popular trends,it is about our aesthetics and attitude towards life.

The pursuit of beauty reflects our positive attitude and hope to improve our life’s quality as well as expressing our thoughts. It’s a way to express who you are on the inside so people can see what you like on the outside. Fashion always inspires me to be a open-minded person and try new things, break my boundaries and push the limits.

Fashion is not far away from us, which can’t be simply represented by Louis Vuitton, Dior, Chanel only those big brands.

When I was a little kid, I didn’t know what exactly fashion is although I have been surrounded and even gotten into it all the time. My first birthday gift was a Barbie doll which was given by my mom.As soon as I got her, I was totally impressed and amazed by her silky curly hair,slim figure and stunning vintage dress. She was like a princess! She was definitely the inspiration of my early aesthetics. With time passing by, I wasn’t satisfied with buying clothes for my Barbie from the shops anymore. I tried to select my favourite fabrics and make little dresses for her by my hands, because I couldn’t afford a sewing machine at that time.Here fashion made me become creative and have my own ideas which I can always find a way in fashion to express them to people.

In my opinion, fashion is the ultimate form of self-expression. Every day you make the decision of what you are going to dress up,how you want to express your feelings, even there is a dressing theme for the day. You handle your decision of your outfits well and you will handle your life well, too. For example, if you are tired,you could wear comfortable sweatpants and take a break. If you want to look attractive and sparkling,you might wear high heels and your favourite dress. [pullquote]I love fashion for more than just labels and designers but also for the art that goes into each piece that is created. It's literally wearable art and I think that’s what makes it so unique and important.[/pullquote]

More than self-expression,fashion is a mean of self-empowerment and confidence. It is something that straightforward in influencing my feeling. Sometimes I will feel more confident with myself because I am wearing a specific pair of shoes from Erdem or a H&M braces skirt. I feel very satisfied whenever I wear something I truly like, I feel good in it and it helps me to build my confidence and my self-esteem. The best in fashion for me: I am who I am, I show to the world who I am and I feel more confident about it.

Fashion is important because it reflects every culture in the world. You can see different fashionable elements from different culture.It combines people from different backgrounds and absorbs the best part of their cultures and aesthetics to provide the diversity of beauty.

I have had an internship in the fashion magazine COSMO in China.I was so lucky to have this opportunity to get involved into this incredible industry.During the working time,I saw how the editors work and how fashion industry truly runs—it is stressful but all about enthusiasm and affection of life.

Fashion is so important to me that it starts to influence me unconsciously a long time ago and becomes an essential part of my life.

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