Durham and Hallam slammed but Manchester too much

All three of Newcastle women's lacrosse teams were in action in this week with Ella Windsor-Lewis, Bella Austin, Freya Cantwell and Louisa Brophy reporting for the first team, Cat Loudon for the seconds and Scarlett Rushby-Smith for the thirds.

20th November 2017
Lacrosse had every reason to smile after their efforts Image: Olivia Hurrell

By Ella Windsor-Lewis, Bella Austin, Freya Cantwell and Louisa Brophy

Despite the colder weather, all three of Newcastle’s women’s lacrosse teams had matches this week with some exciting results.

After a 13-8 loss in the firsts’ last match against them, Newcastle arrived in Manchester raring to get a win off their rivals. They got off to a cracking start, with a solid defence and a slick goal from vice-captain Kat Edwards, winning her the prize of “Shot of the Match”. Thanks to Newcastle’s new and well-practiced set plays, the goals were rolling in, the freshers showing the rest of the team how it’s done.

Thanks to Louisa, Bella, Katie and Emma, the half-time score showed an impressive 7-6 lead and spirits were high. However, a slow start to the second half cost Newcastle some goals, leaving a lot of catching up to do. Despite winning more center draws, and increasing the pressure in defence, effectively face-marking Manchester’s key players, Newcastle couldn’t stop them from forcing their way through and placing the ball in the back of the Newcastle net.

"Thanks to Newcastle’s new and well-practiced set plays, the goals were rolling in"

The end whistle blew at a score of 16-11 to Manchester, leaving the visitors disappointed but proud of their play. Man of the match and goalie Charlotte had an incredible game, despite saving several goals with her head she was unfazed and continued to save many more and made excellent clears to Newcastle’s midfield players. The other man of the match, Bella, a consistently impressive player, had an exceptional game seemed to play almost every position on the pitch.


By Cat Loudon

Being the only home team fighting the cold Newcastle weather didn’t stop the seconds, who had a great game with every member of the team working together to produce what was undoubtedly their best performance as a squad so far this season.

Sheffield Hallam put up a strong fight, however it was futile in the face of Newcastle’s solid defence. The midfield transitioned the ball effortlessly down the pitch, and Newcastle’s attack were unstoppable with nearly every player scoring a goal and the well-rehearsed attacking plays working seamlessly.

"The team energised themselves with wine gums and chocolate"

Goalie Anna was making some remarkable saves, the true hero of the match. At half time, with a 12-2 lead, the team energised themselves with wine gums and chocolate before heading out for a stellar second half. The play matched the standard set in the first half, shown by the end score of 27-4. The well-deserved win sets the seconds in a good position for the rest of the season.


By Scarlett Rushby-Smith

After a strong 21-0 win last week, the threes boarded the bus to take on Durham sixths with a positive outlook to the game ahead. The starting draw was won by captain Livvy Savage, and taken straight down into Durham’s defensive end. With no opposition to meet her before goal, Livvy moved their goalie and placed the ball securely in the back of the net, starting the game off with a 1-0 lead for Newcastle in the first minute of play. This was an instant boost of confidence for the team, as the game continued into the first half.

With strong moves on goal by attack, strategising play around Durham’s solid line of defence to bring the score up to 8-0 in the first 30 minutes. Goal scorer and coach Olivia Hopewell set up a new attacking play, aptly titled ‘crunch’ which drove attack to the top of the fan, confusing Durham’s seemingly attentive defence; and passed to straight attacker Jenny, who used her left handed advantage to drive in another goal.

Durham used an unexpected crease roll to bring their score up to one, and a second was scored in the second half. However, new goalie Ella was not letting anything past her, resulting in a 13-2 win for Newcastle at full time.

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