Eat internationally around Newcastle

Dominic Howard explores the best places to eat international food at affordable prices in Newcastle.

Dominic Howard
15th October 2018
Find some good international food around Newcastle that does not hurt your wallet

Well, summer’s over, and you’re either back in Newcastle or here for the first time ever. The loan has just dragged you out of your overdraft, and it’s time to have a little splurge, regardless of whether it may be against your better judgment. Whilst it’s important to set yourself a budget for the year, you’ve got to afford yourself the occasional (or frequent…) treat.

Whilst it’s far from a major issue, it is annoying to pay for food and it turning out to be bad, especially considering our tight budgets. With that in mind, here are some of the best spots for affordable and excellent international food, whether you want to have a sit-down meal or eat it on the move.

[pullquote]Asian food store HiYou (if you fancy cooking it yourself) stands head and shoulders above its other chain-restaurant counterparts.[/pullquote]

We’ll start with Quayside’s Sunday food market, where street food from all four corners of the world converge. With £5-7 in your pocket, you’ll be able to grab street food from places including Indonesia, Thailand, Poland, South Korea and Japan. I’d recommend the Japanese chicken katsu curry, which, despite looking small, is subversively filling owing to the bed of sticky rice it’s served on, and for only a fiver, you really can’t go wrong. Other highly appealing street food includes Pad Thai, Indian wraps (both with vegetarian options available), Indonesian beef curry, Polish sausage and Korean barbecue.  

As for a sit-down meal, Zaap Thai (which incidentally stands opposite the exceptional Asian food store HiYou (if you fancy cooking it yourself) stands head and shoulders above its other chain-restaurant counterparts. The offers they do make it relatively cheap– you’ll pay around £9 for a main course and leave full. Make sure to look out for their Monday and Tuesday offers, where you can get a meal and drink for £10.

If you can’t decide on where to go, give Za Za Bazaar a try. Located in the Gate, it draws upon Indian, Thai, Chinese, Italian and loads more different international food all thrown into one single buffet – just remember that your eyes are bigger than your stomach!

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