Editor's Picks - 6th November 2017

Check out what you Courier Music and Newcastle Student Radio editors are listening too this week...

6th November 2017

Each week, The Courier’s Music Editors are working with Newcastle Student Radio to bring you the best new tracks from the week before...

1. ‘Love You So Bad’

Ezra Furman

I stumbled across this track as a complete accident. It’s far from what I normally listen to but there’s a really quirky, almost retro, vibe to Chicago-born singer Ezra Furman’s new single. I just can’t stop playing it!

Toby Bryant, The Courier

2. ‘Music In You’’

Purple Disco Machine feat. Lorenz Rhode

This electro-funk track comes from the jazz and techno-infused album Soulmatic. There are some interesting arrangements and features  with up and coming guest singers - this one is one to watch and can feature on both a revision and pres playlist

Ally Wilson, The Courier

3. ‘Crumbling Castles’

King Gizzard & The Lizzard Wizard

Clocking in at a whopping 10 minutes, ‘Crumbling Castles’ contains a little bit of everything that has made King Gizzard one of the most exciting rock acts of the decade. Of course, there is a brilliantly trippy music video to go with it.

Charlie Isaac, The Courier

4. ‘Queens Speech 7’

Lady Leshurr

If you’ve not heard Lady Leshurr before, please note that there are 6 amazingly individual ‘Queen’s Speeches’ prior to this 7th instalment. In this most recent single, she raps about Brexit, Gun Control, and Big Shaq.

Meg Smith, NSR

5. ‘Push Button Age’


When I saw the Sugarmen live at SoundCity 2016, I was instantly a fan of their music and was excited to see what they were going to do next.  ‘Push Button Age’ puts a modern twist on the post punk sound of the 70s.

Amy Woods, NSR

Hear the Editors’ Picks first, as well as all the latest music news, reviews and gossip on NSR’s Music Show, Wednesdays at 4pm.

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